The Fall Dessert You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The temperatures are cooling off, the leaves are beginning to yellow, and the pumpkins are appearing — as much as you may not want to admit it, summer is over, and fall is here. It's time to let go of the long, hot, sunny days and embrace the sweater weather. While that may sound a bit sad, and many of you might still be in denial about it — me included — there's a lot to be excited about. Maybe not weather-wise, but food-wise.

While we might be saying goodbye to summer and the associated heat, we are saying hello to fall — which means we can comfortably welcome in all the cozy fall foods that the warmth from the summer keeps us from enjoying. Cooler days mean hot soups, homemade bread, heartwarming curries, Chinese takeout, and, of course, all of the classic fall desserts. Whether that be an apple pie, cranberry cobbler, or pumpkin bread, we all have one we look forward to.

Fall isn't just about pumpkin; however, one could argue any dessert can be made into a fall one with a bit of pumpkin spice. This list, however, extends to all of the fall flavors and produce — because they're as diverse as the people who enjoy them are. In fact, with the help of your zodiac sign, you can figure out which fall dessert you are — and it may or may not contain pumpkin.


Being the first sign on the astrological calendar, Aries is known for being a bit competitive. They want to be No. 1 everywhere else in their lives, too. While that may not necessarily be possible in some regards, it is here. That's why, for the Aries, we're starting off with what's arguably the most popular fall dessert there is: Pumpkin pie. No Thanksgiving table is complete without it, and while some may argue for its sweet potato counterpart, it's undoubtedly the one thing everyone is looking forward to the most when the fall holidays come around.

There's a reason why pumpkin pies are considered a classic fall dessert — because they're made with pumpkin. Aries will take great pride in knowing that their dessert is arguably the most synonymous with the season. With its blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice, pumpkin pies are also the dessert that has inspired so many of our other favorite fall treats, including the iconic pumpkin spice drinks on the Starbucks fall menu. To be honest, in the case of fall desserts, none really compare to the hype that surrounds these pies when fall comes around.


Few zodiac signs have the reputation that Geminis do; positive or negative. While these signs may be known for having split personalities, they're by no means two-faced. Geminis do operate and adapt to fit within many different social circles, but only because they have so many different interests and hobbies. For this reason, this sign's dessert plays on their mischievous facade. Much like the Gemini, caramel apples take a respectable snack and transform them into a candy-coated party trick.

Similar to this zodiac sign's Starbucks beverage, Gemini's fall dessert is sour from the green apple and sweet from the caramel. Plus, because these signs have an incredible ability to bring the most unlikely of people together and make them have fun, this fall dessert is also a big party favor for fall-themed events. You're also likely to find people bobbing for them at parties — however, that's just the apples. Still, they make great icebreakers, which Geminis are also particularly good at.


Tauruses are known for being stable, albeit stubborn. Still, the fall dessert for them is one that, no matter what, always hits the spot. That's why they're a simple churro. While, yes, churros are enjoyed all year long — which only proves what a reliable and go-to treat they truly are — they have all the characteristics that make a dessert ideal for the fall. They're warm, they're fried, they're coated in cinnamon and sugar, and, sometimes, they're even filled with flavors. Whether it be chocolate, dulce de leche, or pumpkin, nothing hits like a warm churro on a breezy fall day.

If you have a Taurus in your life, you know how much of a rock they are for their friends and families. They're extremely chill, which is fitting, seeing as churros are arguably one of the most casual fall desserts out there. Ordered from a street stand or your local churro shop, these sweet treats are equally as enjoyable on the go as they are sat down at a restaurant. They're delicious, but they're humble too. Just like Tauruses, churros are grounded, and they don't fall victim to any of the hype that surrounds them. They're just them, and you can take it or leave it. In this, however, you're most definitely going to take one.


There's something sweet about Cancers. Despite being represented by the crab, they're almost too soft for this world. These signs are empathetic, loyal, and compassionate, but most of all, they're emotional. Their fall dessert, however, reflects their love for all things homey and comfy — and that is the apple cider doughnut. Some of the best fall memories involve walking around the apple orchard as a kid. But, whether old or young, what we all look forward to the most is a hot cup of apple cider with a doughnut to match. Soft and sweet, coated in cinnamon and sugar, a warm apple cider doughnut is one of the most comforting fall desserts.

It's not a secret that Cancers are homebodies. However, they're also suckers for tradition. So, if their fall traditions involved the apple orchard as a kid, these signs are most definitely making a trip back this season. But because these signs are such emotional, caring people, they can be moody. To avoid mood swings, Cancers prefer the predictable. These signs invest a lot in making their homes feel safe and comfortable so they never want to leave. Fortunately, apple cider doughnuts are sold by the dozen, and they also freeze surprisingly well. That way, to get their fix, Cancers won't even have to leave their houses.


Born between July and August, Leos are the summer babies of the zodiac — they have big, lively personalities to match. While the fall may not deliver the kind of sunshine these signs thrive in — they are represented by the sun, after all — there's one fruit that's in season during the early fall that, like the Leo, has a habit of stealing the spotlight. That would be the fig, making this sign's fall dessert none other than a fig upside-down cake. Buttery, sticky, and beautifully caramelized, upside-down cakes are the cakes that decorate themselves. When this cake is finished baking and cooling, it gets flipped over, revealing a top layer of warm, sticky figs. It's the perfect summer-to-fall transition dessert.

Fresh figs are in season twice throughout the year, once during the first few weeks of June and again from the end of August to October. That second round of figs is like a silver lining to the end of summer, reminding us of all the fall flavors to look forward to. For Leo, it can be extra hard to see summer come to an end, but a freshly baked caramelized fig upside-down cake will help to make it a touch less bitter. Plus, you can always bake other flavors into the cake part — notably orange or lemon — to add just a hint of that citrusy summer flavor. That way, the Leos don't have to say goodbye to summer completely while still embracing the fruits of the fall.


Virgos are arguably the most organized sign of the zodiac — and it's because they thrive on getting things done. In fact, they'll say yes to just about anything if it means that they'll get to cross one more thing off of their to-do list at the end of the day. These signs place a lot of weight on how productive they're able to be, and they're always looking for things to fix or messes to clean up. While you could argue that baking just about any dessert would leave enough of a mess in the kitchen, the Virgo's fall treat does an especially good job at it. That's why, if the Virgo were any fall dessert, they'd be a pumpkin roll.

While a finished pumpkin roll cake provides all the clean, swirled layers that Virgos love, the process of making them can get messy. First, you have to bake the pumpkin cake part; then, you have to spread the icing over it — those two steps alone will leave you with quite a few dishes in the sink. However, the really messy part comes when you have to roll the cake using a towel dusted in powdered sugar. Needless to say, anything involving powdered sugar creates a mess. Either way, the Virgo will take great satisfaction cutting into their finished pumpkin cake after cleaning their kitchens to sparkling perfection.


Represented by the scale, Libras are all about balance. It's something they try to achieve in every facet of their lives — including what they eat. As the aesthetes of the zodiac, these signs appreciate beauty in all forms, and they have a special eye for symmetry. With food, however, this manifests in a value for quality ingredients and well-balanced flavors. But it also means that whatever their fall dessert is, it has to look as good as it tastes. That's why, if the Libra were any fall dessert, they'd be monkey bread.

Like churros, monkey bread is a dessert that's enjoyed all throughout the year — but its warm, cinnamon-forward flavors are the most ideal during the fall. The best part is that, again, like churros, monkey bread is the perfect canvas for fall flavors. Anything from pumpkin to chai spice and apples to caramel add an extra dimension of seasonal flavors to this dessert. Baked between layers of fresh, sticky, pull-apart biscuits, Libras especially will appreciate the depth that fall flavors bring to this dessert.


Born from October to November, Scorpios thrive during the spooky season. Not only do these signs look particularly good in the leather jackets that dominate fall street fashion, but it's also the time of the year that they get to dive into all of the dark topics they love. Whether they're binging their favorite horror films or visiting a tarot card reader, these signs are known for being dark and mysterious — and fall is the time of year that they get to embrace it fully. That's why, if this zodiac sign were to be any fall dessert, it'd be one that went perfectly with telling ghost stories by the campfire. That's right, they'd be a s'mores.

Traditionally, s'mores are made by roasting marshmallows over an open fire. When they're nice and toasted, they're then sandwiched between a couple of graham crackers and chocolate. It's an unbeatable combination of textures and flavors, which is why they're a classic. However, there are a lot of new ideas and surprising ingredients you can use to upgrade your s'mores in the fall. Everything from a slab of smooth peanut butter to butterscotch chips will add a taste of fall to these treats, and they'll be the perfect distraction when it comes to your Scorpio friend's turn to tell a story.


Represented by the archer, the Sagittarius is thought of as the adventurer of the zodiac. For this sign, every opportunity — whether it be positive or negative — is a chance for them to learn and grow. They're not afraid to take risks, either. That's why this sign's fall dessert turns over, so the Sagittarius doesn't have to. Unlike an apple turnover, the Sagittarius never looks back. Whether that's a good thing or a bad is up for debate. These fall desserts, however, don't prompt any conversation — just silent eating, which is how you know they're good.

Made from a simple homemade filling of in-season apples, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, and brown sugar, folded inside a pocket of buttery, flaky store-bought pastry dough, apple turnovers are an approachable recipe for even the most beginner of bakers — but it's their flavor that makes this fall dessert an adventure in and of itself. Glazed with icing and eaten for breakfast or served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert, apple turnovers are always a good choice. Just like the Sagittarius, you won't be left with any regrets.


Often seen as the "workaholics" of the zodiac, Capricorns don't joke around when it comes to their careers. Life, for them, is all about the climb — they are represented by the goat, after all. But these signs aren't all work and no play. In fact, on the off chance that they do give themselves a night off, Capricorns turn out to be the life of the party. That's why, if this zodiac were any fall dessert, they'd be a pecan pie – but in bar form.

Nothing says a party like a tray of pie bars — and nothing says fall like a pecan pie. That's why, if the Capricorn were any fall dessert, they'd be the one that brings the two together. Made with a shortbread crust and class pecan filling, pecan pie bars have an even crust-to-filling ratio that makes them a touch less sweet. Cut into small squares and served on the dessert spread at your office's fall party, they're a guaranteed hit.


Aquariuses are thought to be the trendsetters of the zodiac, but they're way too contrarian for their fall dessert to have anything to do with pumpkin spice. While Aquariuses thrive in group settings, these signs make it a point to separate themselves from the crowd. So rather than being a pumpkin-focused fall dessert — which would be way too predictable — this sign's dessert swaps the fall squash for an unsuspecting and incredibly underrated fall fruit that is the persimmon. Making this sign's fall dessert none other than persimmon pudding.

Not to be confused with Sharon fruit, persimmons are a fall staple that get overshadowed by pumpkins year after year in the U.S. — but that's not true in other parts of the world, especially Asia. In season from October to January, these small orange fruits have a jammy texture and sweet, honey-like flavor that pair perfectly with the warm flavors of fall. Persimmon pudding is just one example of that. Blended into a pulp and beaten with eggs, sugar, and buttermilk, before getting mixed with flour; all this pudding needs is a dash of vanilla and cinnamon for an extra fall kick.


As the last sign of the zodiac calendar, it's believed that Pisces inherits all of the acquired life lessons and wisdom of the signs that come before it. As a result, these signs are thought to be the most empathetic, compassionate, and psychic of all. However, they can struggle to stay grounded in the present moment. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, the Pisces' attention is constantly divided between fantasy and reality. As most would say, their heads are in the clouds — but the Pisces' is a bit further away. In fact, most of the time, they're on an entirely different planet. That's why, if this sign were any fall dessert, they'd be a mooncake.

Mooncakes are sweet treats commonly served during the Chinese Mid-autumn Festival. In celebration of the harvest moon, people from all across East Asia gather after sunset to enjoy these small, sweet, and elaborately decorated cakes. Filled with sweet pastes made from everything from sesame seeds to red beans and lotus seeds to fruit and nuts, mooncakes are meant to symbolize the full moon and reunion. They're often adorned with designs that reflect the legend of the festival, and they're exchanged as gifts amongst gatherings with loved ones and friends. Mooncakes are sugary and rich, with an intricately decorated golden brown pastry shell and long-honored custom that, in all its significance, will ground even a Pisces.

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