13 Best Celebrity Chef Coffee Brands And Collaborations

With the title celebrity chef comes the expectation of greatness. And if a celebrity chef is crafting coffee, that coffee had better be good. But there are a lot of factors that go into creating a gourmet coffee blend, whether it's single-origin, multi-blend, or flavored. From the source of the beans to the length of the roast, coffee-making is an art that engages all of the senses. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best celebrity chef coffee brands.

Good coffee might begin with the bean itself, but it ends with the brewing process. From grinding your own beans to using filtered spring water, how you brew your coffee can make the difference between savoring every last sip and pouring it down the drain wondering where everything went wrong. So you don't waste any of your coffee — especially if it's your first cup of joe for the day, be sure to avoid big mistakes when brewing coffee at home. These celebrity chef coffee brands are the best out there for you to try.

Parise's Coffee

Celebrity Chef Michael Parise burst on the food scene with his Los Angeles company, Cannoli Kings, in 2004. Since then, he's had numerous accolades for his best-selling cannolis, making the rounds in elite circles as a cannoli caterer. Maintaining operations as a family business but moving to Florida, Parise opened a mobile coffee and cannoli bar. Because what pairs better with a creamy cannoli than a good cup of coffee?

Aptly named Parise's Coffee, this celebrity chef's private label is available both online and through the mobile cafe, which is located in Venice, Florida. Serving small-batch, specialty roasts and featuring a full espresso bar in the mobile cafe, Parise's Coffee has earned high reviews from customers for its private reserve coffee brand. Looks like the Cannoli King may just be a coffee king as well.

Offering a variety of blends and flavors, Parise's Coffee spans light roasts to dessert roasts, from classic blends to flavor blends, and features a pure Italian espresso. Reminiscent of what many small Italian pastry cafes present, Parise's flavor blends include its famous cannoli cream, after-dinner chocolate mint, sweet amaretto cookie, and nutty, chocolatey, smoky espresso.

Big Easy Bold

Celebrity Chef, author, and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse made a big splash on television with his "bam!" exclamation and accompanying throw-down hand gesture when he was seasoning food with flare. Owner of multiple successful restaurants, Lagasse has since made another splash, this time into the coffee world with his premium signature blend, Big Easy Bold K-Cups.

Emeril Lagasse began his journey of cooking under the watchful eye of his mother and learned how to bake bread and pastry while working as a teenager in a Portuguese bakery. Advancing his cooking skills through culinary school and traveling abroad, Lagasse became known for his wide range of cookbooks and live cooking shows on the Food Network. But you won't see Lagasse hosting competitive food shows these days.

A self-reported lover of coffee, and especially his morning brew, Lagasse launched Big Easy Bold to share his love of robust and flavorful coffee. The dark Parisian roasted grounds are made from 100% Arabica beans and are certified Kosher. Big Easy Bold is available as recyclable, single-cup pods, compatible with a Keurig coffee maker.

Rink Drink

Known for his big, bold personality, Matty Matheson is familiar with the food world, from cooking up comfort dishes to creating recipes to entertaining with cooking videos. Matheson, professional chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur, is also a Canadian actor who plays a restaurant handyman in the Hulu series, "The Bear." He even has his own line of cookware. You could say he's deeply involved in all things food (and swears he can't live without this ingredient). So why not coffee, too?

In memory of his grampy, hockey, and coffee, and alongside his good friend, Dean Petty, Matheson and Petty teamed up with Anchored Coffee to create Rink Drink, a go-to coffee for any kind of morning (or afternoon or evening). Using an equal blend of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee beans, Rink Drink is a medium roast meant for sharing among friends while sitting around a campfire.

Rink Drink focuses on being an all-encompassing cup of coffee so coffee lovers always enjoy the taste. It's not meant to be nuanced, specially flavored, or fancy; it's meant to be a consistent, balanced cup of coffee. "Rink Drink is my first memory of coffee," Matheson relayed in the launch video, "my food memory... sitting down in the old rink with grampy, drinking some coffee."

Royal Hawaiian Coffee - Alan Wong

Professional chef, restaurateur, and one of the founders of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Alan Wong is notable for his passion and love of farm-to-table ingredients and the close relationships that grow around the shared joy of food. As part of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine organization, Wong helped create a new American cuisine that focused on local Hawaiian sources for ingredients that could showcase the islands' various ethnic dishes.

Awarded with numerous accolades and having run an award-winning restaurant, Wong is well-known for high quality and delectable cuisine, even cooking for the President a time or two. Though the 2020 pandemic caused a heartbreaking closure of his restaurants and eateries, Wong went the extra steps to ensure his staff — everyone from waitstaff to farmers and ranchers, were paid in full and vowed to bounce back better.

Along with the regional cuisine served at his restaurants, Wong teamed up with the Hawaii Coffee Company to create a Royal Hawaiian coffee blend. Alan Wong's coffee for royalty is 10% Ka'u medium roasted beans, culminating in a rich, smooth blend with hints of the Hawaiian Islands. Reminding consumers of Hawaii, coffee drinkers feel Wong's Royal Hawaiian is like bringing part of the tropical islands to their morning breakfast routine.

Origin Coffee - Rick Stein

English celebrity chef and owner and operator of multiple hotels, restaurants, and shops, Rick Stein (full name Christopher Richard Stein), has partnered with Origin Coffee to deliver a specialty coffee blend to Padstow residents. Technically the idea and work of his son, Charlie, a celebrity chef in his own right, father and son reached out to Cornish coffee roasters to bring sustainably sourced, single-roast coffee beans to locals through Stein's Coffee Shop.

Founder Tom Sobey started Origin Coffee as a way to bring his hometown ethically sourced, specialty coffee that would be something different than most folks were used to. Working directly with coffee growers from Brazil, El Salvador, and Kenya, Origin Coffee features single-origin coffees — beans highlighted from a specific region, blends — beans from multiple locations, decaf, and ready-to-drink cold brew. For Sobey, each coffee and collection is unique to its source, bringing the consumer an incomparable cup of coffee. Stein (father and son) have worked with Sobey for more than 15 years and have sold Origin Coffee in their restaurants exclusively for years.

Green Beans Coffee - Robert Irvine

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine might be known for his show on the Food Network, "Restaurant: Impossible," but Irvine is a savvy businessman who owns multiple restaurants, a protein bar company, and a prepared foods brand. Irvine has cookbooks and handcrafted spirits, and when he's not busy doing shows like "Next Iron Chef" and "Worst Cooks in America," Irvine takes the stage cooking with a live audience in "Robert Irvine Live."

Close to Irvine's heart is his charitable foundation, working with servicemen and women. Funds raised help disabled veterans and first responders, train service dogs, and provide mobility devices. Irvine's been on several USO tours and was awarded the Medal of Honor Society's Bob Hope Award and Honorary Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy.

Given Irvine's work with the troops, it was inevitable he teamed up with Green Beans Coffee — a company serving handcrafted coffee to deployed service members in the Middle East. With cafes around the world for America's troops overseas and at home, customers can choose a range of coffee styles, from a traditional cup of joe to a white chocolate mocha. Other options include cappuccino, espresso, latte, and hot chocolate. Green Beans Coffee is also available as a house blend in K-Cups or bags. Featuring a medium roast, the signature blend is made from 100% Arabica beans, obtained from South and Central America, and is roasted in the U.S.

Central Perk Coffee Company

Chef, restaurateur, and head judge on "Top Chef," as well as a New York resident, Tom Colicchio knows food and drink. With six distinct restaurants of his own and an Emmy-award-winning show on his roster, Colicchio has earned multiple food awards and recognitions for his simple, straightforward, and sustainably sourced dishes. From octopus to snapper, from risotto to eggplant parmesan, and from duck to dry-aged steaks, Colicchio serves up a range of tastes and textures fresh from farm to table.

And though Colicchio's reputation is of a hard exterior, he has a soft spot for the '90s hit sitcom, "Friends." Combining his adoration for the show and his passion for great flavors, Colicchio created Central Perk Coffee — a collection of roasted coffees from medium to dark, with names like Pivot Blend, How You Doin'? and We Were on a "Coffee" Break.

Made from Arabica beans, Central Perk Coffee is available as whole beans, ground, and pods. The three main roasts bring rich, bold character with hints of chocolate, honey, blackberry, citrus, caramel, or nutty or smoky undertones. There's also Gunther! Espresso and for those who don't want to debate the pros and cons of caffeinated versus decaf, Central Perk Coffee offers you Moo Point (decaf coffee).

But in true "Friends" fashion, Central Perk Coffee aims to bring people together with a brick-and-mortar coffeehouse opening soon in Boston. The cafe will feature a modern twist on the beloved fictional Central Perk where "Friends" memories were made.

Flavortown Roasts

Straight from Flavortown where chicken dinner is a winner, Guy Fieri brings consumers a range of boldly flavored coffee for your kitchen at home — specifically, for your convenient Keurig maker. A celebrity chef and big personality, Fieri is also a best-selling author and award-winning Food Network host. Known for his road travels and subsequent culinary cruises through Flavortown, Fieri's coffee blends mirror his zest for fun, because of course they do — it's Guy Fieri.

Flavortown Roasts include a classic medium and dark roast — the kind of good cup of coffee you would find at a diner — among an offering of flavor blends that mimic fun food combinations. Pairing dessert-like tastes with light to dark coffee roasts, Fieri brings you a boatload of coffee variations with names like Banana Foster, Hot Fudge Brownie, Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Mint, and Caramel Apple Bread Pudding. Flavortown Roasts are available as single-serve cups.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee

Wolfgang Puck is a well-known name and world-renowned chef. His array of restaurants offers a variety of cuisines, including French, Asian, Mediterranean, California-inspired, Japanese, and European. His passion for food and innovative cuisine creations carry over into his catering service, bringing restaurant-quality food to special events and corporate gatherings. Chef Puck also has a hand in the kitchen cookware and appliance industry with his own line of cooking products.

It's of no surprise that Wolfgang cares as much about his coffee as he does the ingredients he uses for his dozens of restaurants. Sustainably sourced and available in 100% compostable packaging, Wolfgang Puck Coffee is carefully roasted in small batches to meet specific standards. Offering roasts from light to dark the gourmet coffee consists of 100 percent Arabica beans.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee partners with hotels and businesses to supply rooms and offices with top-notch single-serve coffee. But it's also available as single-cup coffee pods, K-Cups, portion-control packs, and in bulk for traditional coffee makers.

The Pioneer Woman

When you run a ranch, take care of a family, and handle a herd of cattle and a slew of other animals, it's safe to say a good cup of coffee is needed to start the day. Most noted for her show on the Food Network, "The Pioneer Woman," Ree Drummond is an award-winning blogger, cook, and best-selling author. She also has a restaurant and bakery. And if you serve cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and chocolate almond croissants, coffee is the next logical accompaniment.

Drummond offers up a variety of flavors in her single-serve coffee pods, The Pioneer Woman Coffee. With a range of tastes from hazelnut to caramel to pumpkin spice to pecan pie, Drummond's coffee line features roasts from medium to dark. For your convenience, The Pioneer Woman also offers consumers a blue floral single-serve coffee maker that pairs nicely with her selection of ground coffee.

Paik's Coffee

Baek Jong Won, a South Korean celebrity chef and entrepreneur, is a regular face in the food and beverage world, whether it's coffee shops, cooking shows, or commercials. With multiple cooking variety shows under his belt — all of which stars him as the host, Baek Jong Won is also well-known for his coffee chain, Paik's Coffee (Baek is sometimes spelled as Paik). Growing steadily and gaining popularity over the years, Paik's Coffee is one of the largest coffee chains in Korea.

Paik's Coffee sources Brazilian coffee beans from the Beloso Farm for a silky-smooth coffee. On top of offering the original Paik's Coffee, the company also creates seasonal, specialty coffees with flavors such as Chunky Walnut Froyo, Chocolate Latte, and Americano. Iced coffees might be the most popular item on the menu, but Paik's Coffee also serves a wide variety of flavored teas, including green tea latte, lemon tea, peach oolong, and lychee lemon.

Dancing Goats Coffee - Alton Brown

A Food Network name, Alton Brown is synonymous with commentating on cooking shows. Brown has had a long, distinguished career in the food business, hosting multiple food shows such as "Iron Chef America," "Cutthroat Kitchen," and, of course, "Good Eats". He's earned a couple of James Beard awards, a Peabody award, and to top it all off, Brown creates music that has made the Billboard charts more than once. A busy man — a multitasker if you will, Brown has written numerous cookbooks, starred in live culinary shows, and continues on as a cooking show commentator.

Adding to his long list of accomplishments, Brown has a signature coffee blend for people just like him: The Multitasker. And though Brown's favorite kitchen tool isn't a coffee maker, The Multitasker is, as Brown said in a post, "meant to be brewed any darned way you want," whether it's drip, pour-over, or press. From Dancing Goats Coffee roasters, the beans are sourced from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Sumatra, bringing notes of toffee, black cherries, and toasted sesame seeds. There may or may not be a hint of an old library book, as the coffee description states.

Steeped Coffee - Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone has made a name for himself in the culinary universe and is a celebrated chef, restaurateur, author, and entrepreneur. Stone owns multiple restaurants where he emphasizes locally produced ingredients, serving dishes such as squash and caviar, abalone and rice, and black cod at Maude and oyster crudo, steak tartare with roasted jalapeños, blue shrimp, and ribeye at Woodend. He also owns a butcher shop that features house-made charcuterie.

Partaking in shows such as "Take Home Chef," "Top Chef Masters," and "MasterChef," Stone created his own line of kitchenware, cooking products made for the home cook. Adding to his collection of chef accomplishments, Stone ventured into the coffee business teaming up with the Steeped Coffee brand, branching out to make Curtis Stone Steeped Coffee.

Available in steeping bags, Steeped Coffee is brewed similar to tea so you can brew on the go without fancy equipment. Curtis Stone Steeped Coffee features a choice of organic medium, dark, or French roast, and Swiss Water Process Decaf.