The 11 Best Concessions To Eat And Drink While Watching The Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Concert Film

As Taylor Swift says: Welcome to the Eras Tour! Or, at least, welcome to the Eras Tour Movie in theaters starting October 13 (duh). The Eras Tour is expected to be the artist's biggest tour yet, not to mention potentially one of the biggest tours of all time. It just makes sense that the tour is constantly taking over your TikTok feed and real-life conversations now that it's coming to a theater near you.

A more convenient way to see the Eras Tour (as opposed to battling Ticketmaster in the Great War) is to catch the movie. You'll get to hopefully watch the major highlights of Swift onstage performing 17 years' worth of music in an approximately 44-song performance — complete with talented dancers, backup singers, and surprise songs to keep you on your toes. It's a sensation, and the prospect of seeing it in theaters is making Swifties and people everywhere excited to see the film, especially since it was just announced it's coming to theaters worldwide. 

If you're wondering what to snack on while you cry to "marjorie" and dance to "august?" Well, we've got our top picks for you. You can purchase all of these treats and snack on them as each era comes along on-screen, or you can just select a few to match up with your favorite eras at home. Please note that this article contains a lot of spoilers about the Eras Tour, so you've been warned.

Lover: M&M's

We could never forget that "Lover" existed, especially since it's the opening era of the concert. It makes sense that Swift kicks off the concert with songs from the "Lover" era since the tour for the album sadly got cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions back in 2021. Swift is picking up where she left off with bright colors, lots of glitter and sparkles, and songs that include a camp LGBTQ+ anthem and not being taken as seriously as a man in the music industry. "Lover" is colorful and fun, and, though many of the songs are actually quite sad (we see you, "Cornelia Street" and "The Archer"), the era is generally regarded as upbeat and sweet.

That's why we think starting off your Eras Tour Movie snacking with M&M's is the perfect choice. They are vibrant, sweet, and joyous, and we can't think of a better snack to pair with "Lover." It's a "Cruel Summer" when you drop the candy-coated treats between seats, though, so be sure to hold on tight as you dance in the theater with your fellow movie-watchers. 

Also, make and trade those friendship bracelets in person like you would at the Eras Tour (as Swift has encouraged), and take a photo with your arm candy friendship bracelets and your actual candy M&M's.

Fearless (Taylor's Version): Popcorn

Swift seamlessly transitions into "Fearless (Taylor's Version)," and anyone you bring to the theater who isn't as knowledgeable about Swiftie lore will probably appreciate this part of the concert movie the most. Her second studio album really jump-started Swift's career back in 2008, and it got her the "Album of the Year" win at the Grammys. "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" is an absolute classic era, featuring hits like "You Belong With Me (Taylor's Version)" and "Love Story (Taylor's Version)." We thought that a classic and well-known era matched perfectly fine with a movie theater snack like popcorn.

Put as much salt and butter on it as you want, too, since not only does this snack match the vibes of this era, but popcorn also matches in color (seeing as both are yellow). This snack will "Forever and Always" be a movie pairing and also has an ideal transition from the previous one — there's no dramatic "Jump Then Fall" because who doesn't love to go from something sweet to something salty? 

If you're following the path of having a bit of each snack with each era, you can even put the leftover M&M's into the popcorn to create a buttered popcorn (your version). That's when popcorn shines the best in our opinion. Don't you worry about letting all these snacks go to waste; just "Breathe" and make a plan to share with all of the friends watching with you.

Evermore: Soft pretzel

'Tis the damn season for a soft pretzel. At the now-iconic Eras Tour, Swift chose not to go from album era to album era in the order the albums came out. Instead, she jumps around between genres and years and vibes in a way that shouldn't make sense, but it just does. Instead of going from "Lover" to "folklore" in the order the albums were released, she made her own rules and we get into the underrated "evermore."

Beautiful green trees rise up on stage. You'll hear sounds of birds chirping and willows dancing in the wind. Suddenly, you're not at a concert but in a forest. It's one of the most beautiful parts of the whole show, in our opinion, and the gorgeous and sometimes melancholy set deserves a snack as substantial as itself. You won't just "tolerate it" — you'll love the soft pretzel with this era. 

A soft pretzel is warm and cozy. It's also early enough into the concert movie that the dough won't have gotten hard by the time you eat it. But even when stale a pretzel can bring you "happiness." So, "long story short," buy a soft pretzel to share or opt for some of those genius pretzel bites from the concession stand. You'll be thinking about this perfect combination "evermore," and be comforted by carbs while sobbing to "marjorie."

Reputation: Junior Mints

Are you ... ready for it? No one expected "Reputation" to be the next era performed at the concert after the softness and vulnerability of "evermore," but Swift did it and she did it well. The "Reputation" album is more complex than it seems at first glance. Sure, it has a hard, alternative exterior with snake motifs, a black-and-white color palate, and lyrics like, "I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead." But, if you look a little past the surface, you'll see that "Reputation" is about finding yourself outside of how other people view you and cultivating the beauty in that. 

Yes, the "Reputation" era is visually captivating. And it's so fun to rock out to songs like "Don't Blame Me" and "Look What You Made Me Do." It's also a seriously misunderstood body of work, as was Swift when she wrote this album in 2016.

The fitting snack for this era is Junior Mints. You either love them or hate them, and their color perfectly matches that of the "Reputation" era. Plus, hidden inside is a burst of flavor and energy just like the album, which is why this pairing just works. Junior Mints are the "King of Our Hearts," and "Call Them What You Want," but we think they are a "Gorgeous" palate cleanser after all the salt you just had from the previous Eras Tour snacks.

Speak Now (Taylor's Version): Sour Patch Kids

Long live the Eras Tour, and long live "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)." This album is a total fan favorite, which is why a lot of people were sad that this era initially included one song in the tour set — and only two after Swift re-released the album back in July. And though this era is short during the concert, it's still "Timeless," and we'd be "Haunted" if you didn't have the perfect snack to pair it with. Your tongue might get an "Electric Touch" when you first taste Sour Patch Kids, and we think this theater snack is the best to pair with "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)."

Sour Patch Kids might be a controversial choice, but we have a method to our madness. Sour Patch Kids are notoriously sour and then sweet, which aptly describes this era. There is a bounty of pop-punk hits on this album like "Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)," but there are also really sweet moments like "Enchanted (Taylor's Version)." Also, Sour Patch Kids also remind us to "Never Grow Up," and for those reasons, this era and candy are the best thing that's ever been paired. Plus, after the refreshing minty taste of the Junior Mints, your tongue might be craving something a little sour like this candy.

Red (Taylor's Version): Cherry slushy

You're going to be the lucky one if you opt for this classic movie theater snack. After all of those intense sweet, salty, and sour flavors from the previous snacks, it is more than time for a beverage (other than the water we assume you're drinking). The next era in the concert is "Red (Taylor's Version)," and we are never ever getting back together with the concept of listening to this album and not having a cherry slushy in hand ever again. 

Sipping on a syrupy cherry slushy while watching Swift perform mega-hits like "I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor's Version)" and "22 (Taylor's Version)" on the big screen just makes sense. You'll definitely want to "stay, stay, stay" with this combination, especially if (fingers crossed) we get to watch Swift perform "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" live — say that five times fast.

This era is really all about being happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time, and it'll be anything but miserable and everything magical to sip a sweet yet refreshing cherry slushy while in theaters with your friends, family, and fellow Swifties. And when the "Red (Taylor's Version)" era and slushy combination is over, you're going to be saying, "Come back, be here" to it. But you won't be sad, beautiful, and tragic for long. 

Folklore: Chocolate

Those Windermere peaks look like the perfect place to cry, and so does the movie theater while watching the "folklore" set during the Eras Tour Movie. Watching Swift float around on stage and sway her dress in a Stevie Nicks-fashion during her mesmerizing performance of "august" on the big screen can only be accompanied by one thing: chocolate. You can pick your poison here, whether that's Snow Caps (ahem, there are those Windermere peaks again), Hershey's Kisses (like the lyric in "betty"), or Whoppers for the absolute whopper of an emotional punch that is "my tears ricochet."

Whatever chocolate candy you select, you'll be happy you had it. Plus, some of the sweetest moments in the show happen during the "folklore" era performances, including Swift giving a little wink to the character of Rebecca Harkness. The character is played by one of her featured dancers in the song Swift wrote based on fables about the real-life Harkness's mansion, which was built on a cliff in Rhode Island in the 1920s and Swift now owns. 

The whole concert is an unsuspecting theater performance, but the song "the last great american dynasty" takes the theatrics to a whole new level. We can't wait to see this song in theaters while munching on our choice of chocolate. We can go anywhere we want, including, now, the Eras Tour, thanks to it coming to theaters.

1989 (Taylor's Version): Diet Coke

Though "1989 (Taylor's Version)" comes out the week after the Eras Tour movie premieres in theaters (Swift has a busy month), this era is still "1989 (Taylor's Version)." Pulling songs from what was one of her biggest hits prior to the Eras Tour, "1989 (Taylor's Version)" serves as a guidebook to pop perfection. There's a reason we all know the songs from this era: They're sugary, delicious, fun, and though we've all heard them 1,000 times, you can't help but jump around and "Shake It Off."

What better snack to pair with this bubbly era than fizzy, enduring Diet Coke? You might be wondering why we chose Diet Coke as opposed to regular Coke. During the original 1989 era (and slightly before it), Swift did a few commercials and partnered with Diet Coke, so it seemed only fitting to pair this era and a diet beverage

Outside of Swift's commercials, Diet Coke pairs with this era because it never goes out of style and you need something energizing to match the electricity that is the "1989 (Taylor's Version)" set. And if you accidentally spill some Diet Coke, don't let there be any "Bad Blood," as you'll be "Out of the Woods" and out of this era shortly.

Acoustic set: Snickers

Each night of the tour, Swift plays two surprise songs, one on piano and one on the guitar. Doing this as an effort to play every single song on her discography, so Swift could play any tune from any era, including singles and projects she's done for movies, like the song with Zayn "I Don't Wanna Live Forever." This is one of the most suspenseful parts of the night as sometimes Swift preludes the performance with a speech about the song and what it means to her, letting audiences guess where it's going. Other times, she jumps into the melody frighteningly explanation-free.

The Eras Tour Movie was filmed during a few of Swift's Los Angeles shows, so for fans following the tour, the songs not going to be surprises during the movie — probably. We don't know whether she'll pick one surprise song she played on the guitar and one she played on the piano for the movie, or perhaps she'll make a mashup of them. Most likely, she'll do something that we haven't even guessed at all. So, the most surprising section deserves the most surprising snack, a Snickers bar with its surprise bite of caramel in the middle (or the surprise that Snickers are smaller than they used to be).

Midnights: old fashioned or ginger ale

Best believe we have a snack recommendation for the "Midnights" set in the Eras Tour Movie. "Midnights," Swift's most recent original studio album that's not a re-recording, sparkles as much as Swift on this tour. The hits include "Anti-Hero" and "Karma," and every song on this album glitters like the stars in the midnight sky. You'll feel like you're glittering, too, if you partake in the snack selection for this era: having a cocktail. Specifically, Swift is known to be partial to an old fashioned, but feel free to choose the beverage of your choice. 

If your theater doesn't offer alcoholic beverages or you don't drink them, we think a ginger ale sparkles just as much with "Midnights." After all, karma is a god, but if you don't want karma to bite you in the butt for enjoying that wide variety of snacks throughout the movie, you may want to end the night with a ginger ale to settle your stomach. Yes, it'll be a blast to dance to "Lavender Haze" in the theater with a fizzy drink in hand, but you'll also be doing your digestion a favor with some soothing ginger ale. Or, full send it with a cocktail (may we also suggest a ginger ale mixed drink?) to stay in that lavender haze of the Eras Tour Movie.

Debut: Milk Duds

Thought we were done, did you? Sure, there's not really a "Taylor Swift" section of the Eras Tour for the self-titled album affectionately known as "Debut" to the fans (because it was Swift's debut album). Featuring songs like "Tim McGraw," "Picture To Burn," and "Our Song," Debut is sadly under-appreciated, but that doesn't mean there's not a chance to celebrate it while watching the Eras Tour Movie. While wearing your Debut-inspired outfit to the theater, you can munch on some Milk Duds in honor of it. 

We chose Milk Duds to pair with this Debut era because Milk Duds were actually one of the first movie theater snacks that people ate, so we thought they fit together perfectly. The classic theater candy. And there's still a chance you'll get to hear a song from Debut while watching the Eras Tour Movie in theaters — Swift played "Our Song" as one of her surprise songs at one of the L.A. shows that was filmed for the Eras Tour movie. So, if Debut is your favorite era, you can be hopeful that it'll make the final film cut.