The Proper Etiquette For Sampling Grapes At The Supermarket

Buying fruit at the grocery store can be a gamble. Sure, you're only putting up a few dollars, but going home with grapes that are too sour or bland isn't a risk you want to take time and time again. While some people may have accepted that it's simply a part of the grocery shopping experience, others bypass that risk by trying grapes in the grocery store.

It may sound unhygienic, but there's nothing wrong with trying before you buy. As long as you follow the proper etiquette, it is totally acceptable to make sure your potential bag of grapes is suitably ripe. In fact, some grocery store employees encourage people to test out the grapes prior to buying.

Ask them if you can sample a grape to see if it's ripe enough, and they'll probably oblige. As grocery store workers, they may even be able to provide a glove to make your sampling experience more sanitary. If you're unable to track down an employee near the produce aisle, limit yourself to one or two grapes — and definitely don't place a half-eaten grape back in the bag. It's also worth noting that this taste-test etiquette does not extend to larger fruits that aren't bite-sized or packaged foods that aren't priced by weight.

How to go home with ripe grapes everytime

If you're a germaphobe, the thought of eating an unwashed grape in the middle of the produce aisle might set off alarm bells in your mind. Consuming just one probably won't kill you, but unwashed grapes can be coated in dirt, debris, and potentially harmful bacteria and pesticides that should be avoided. Thankfully, you can inspect grapes in the store to see if they're ready for consumption without having to eat them.

The easy way to pick ripe grapes without sneaking a taste is to examine their color. Whether they're of the green, red, or black varieties, all grapes should have a bright, rich hue. When they're on the paler side, they're most likely not ripe enough. Although you may not want to sneak a taste, you should still cop a feel to see if they're firm and plump. Pull one off the vine to see if it comes loose easily. If you have to use force to tug the grape off, it's not ready.