Super King Is The Unassuming SoCal Grocery Store With A World Of Products

When you think about SoCal grocery store chains, your mind probably goes to mainstays like Ralphs, Albertsons, Trader Joe's – since it got its modest start there – or Erewhon for those viral, pricey smoothies. Those are all great options for their own reasons, but we have an unassuming grocery store that stands out because you can get products from around the world there at an affordable price: Super King.

Haven't heard of it? You're missing out if you're a foodie who lives in Southern California. Super King has been family-owned and operated by Peter, Mary, and Vache Fermanian since 1993. The international grocery store chain has eight locations across SoCal, including stores in Anaheim, Glendale, Los Angeles, and Van Nuys. It's got all of the departments you might expect like produce, meat, and seafood plus a service deli for your cold cuts. Where it stands out, though, is in all of its affordably-priced international products, including an international bakery that partners with traditional, local bakeries to bring in products like freshly baked pita daily.

Grocery shopping at Super King

You can expect crowds when you go to browse the aisles of Super King because it's got a bit of a cult following due to its products and prices. There's often "a mob scene" around the Persian cucumbers according to a 2019 article from The Los Angeles Times. Back then, the chain saw an estimated 200,000 customers weekly, and we have a feeling that number has only increased. Though the store offers fresh groceries from around the world, the prices still stand out. In the latest circular for its Los Angeles store, large avocados were priced at 99 cents each and fresh green beans were on sale for 99 cents a pound. We think those are impressive prices, especially in a major city.

Before you rush to your closest location, let's get more into what its departments offer. Its produce section has quality fruits and vegetables delivered daily, including California peaches and Mexican avocados, while its meat department includes marinated meats that are ready to throw on your grill. The grocery section is also filled with coveted international products including spices and oils from Middle Eastern, European, and Latino brands along with the expected domestic products. And in case you're wondering about libations, it sells all sorts of alcohol, including tequila, whiskey, and wine. If you're lucky enough to live nearby, Super King also offers same-day delivery of alcohol for just $4.99 in Los Angeles and Orange County as well as grocery delivery via Instacart.