Omega Mart In Las Vegas Offers The Wildest Grocery Store Experience, And So Much More

Las Vegas is no stranger to the strange, so it's unsurprising that the Santa Fe-based art collective Meow Wolf would choose to open its permanent art installation, Omega Mart, in Sin City. The spectacle that it is, this surreal exhibit offers a different experience than one might find on the strip. What kind of a place is this that carries products like "Tattooed Turkey" and "Just Leg?" In short, Omega Mart is a bit like a supermarket in the backrooms. This is a liminal space offering all the superficial trappings of a regular supermarket, but spend longer than five minutes perusing the aisles, and you'll find yourself in the chasm of the uncanny valley.

Located in Vegas' entertainment and events district Area 15, Omega Mart opened its doors in February of 2021 and is the second permanent installation that Meow Wolf has opened. It's an interactive sensory overload, but the items in the supermarket aren't just for show. This is indeed a market, and most of the products on the shelves are art that can be purchased. Please note that if you are going to visit, some items at Omega Mart are bolted down and are not for sale — but if you can pick it up and it has a price tag, you can take a little piece of Omega Mart home with you.

Art and Mystery

Once inside Omega Mart, you will find that there is a story to be told. You are provided with "RFID cards," which help visitors unravel the secrets of Omega Mart and all of its puzzling lore. Unlike at an art museum, here you are encouraged to touch and interact with pretty much everything Omega Mart has to offer. Curiosity is key: you may pick up a surreal cereal — surreal box even — and discover a world inside of a world. You will move through landscapes filled with absurdity and wonder. If you're really nosy, maybe you'll even happen upon the secret-ish bar located in the depths of Omega Mart.

At its heart, Omega Mart is immersive storytelling, so you'll want plenty of time to enjoy this experience. Touch everything, uncover hidden passageways and secret rooms, and watch as much of the video content provided as possible. You can even interact with the performers posing as employees of Omega Mart and Dramcorp (its fictional corporate overlord) to fully explore and discover the secrets of this enchanting and sometimes confounding place.