Coca-Cola's Beverly Aperitif That You've Probably Never Heard Of

You've probably heard of Coca-Cola products like Diet Coke and its other brands like Dasani and Fanta, but have you ever tasted Beverly? It's not found as easily as the brand's other products, so it makes sense if you've never even heard of the soda. It's an under-the-radar Coca-Cola product that is more known in Italy than it is here in the United States because it was developed for the Italian market as an aperitif drink.

The alcohol-free, dark-red, carbonated drink has a dry, bitter taste with ingredients including sugar and citric acid. If that description makes you thirsty to try Beverly, it's not going to be easy to find, even in Italy, because it was discontinued in 2009. These days, you can try it at World of Coca-Cola, a museum and attraction in Atlanta, Georgia, where it's apparently one of its most-tried beverages, according to its site. You can also take a sip of Beverly at Club Cool at Epcot and the Coca-Cola Stores at Disney in Orlando and Las Vegas.

The history of Coca-Cola's Beverly

Beverly was introduced in Italy back in 1969 by Coca-Cola. A few years later, Beverly White was introduced to the market, which is clear in color, similar to seltzer or Sprite (another Coca-Cola product). Beverly White was so popular in Italy that it was chosen to represent the country in an international Coke competition. Coca-Cola likely manufactured the product to compete with Italian brands of aperitifs like Campari and Aperol, both of which are also bitter drinks that are now widely used in cocktails across the world. As we said, Beverly has a bitter taste with citrus notes, which some claim comes from grapefruit rind.

What is an aperitif, anyway? It's a pre-dinner drink that is called an aperitivo in Italy, where it's commonly served. It's typically an alcoholic cocktail, but there are non-alcoholic options too. The drinks are intended to open up your appetite before you start eating a meal. Some popular aperitifs are wine or Prosecco mixed with a liqueur such as an Aperol Spritz or cocktails like a Negroni. Light snacks such as crackers, olives, and cheeses typically accompany the cocktails.