Pita Chips Are The Key To More Filling And Delightfully Crunchy Salads

If your lackluster salads are leaving you hungry after an hour, we've got a little maxim to help you build a better-textured meal that boasts both satiating heft and flavor. Pita chips are the key to a more filling and crunchy salad. In the same way that shards of deliciously fried pitta add substance and flavor to Lebanese fattoush salad, pita chips lend an ordinary bowl of arugula, cucumber, and dressing some crispy, carby oomph. 

In our book, there are four reasons why pita chips make salads better. Firstly, like croutons, they add heaps of crunchy, textural interest to a basic bowl of dressed greens with very little extra effort. Simply strew them over your serving dish for instant crispiness that gives your light salad some much-needed heft, texture, and bite. Secondly, pita chips have a mild flavor, so they can work with pretty much any salad ingredients you have on hand, from juicy tomatoes and red onion to mayo-heavy dressings. These triangular blank slates lend crunch without influencing the flavor profile of your veggie bowl, whether it be a Caesar, Greek, or cobb salad. Thirdly, when carby pita chips are added to a salad, alongside filling proteins, such as shredded chicken, canned beans, and tofu, they are super-satiating, helping you to feel fuller for longer. And finally, pita chips make the perfect, edible scooping devices for picking up those delicious vegetables (and soaking up that last lick of dressing) that have settled at the bottom of your salad bowl. 

Build a better salad with store-bought or homemade pita chips

Using store-bought pitta chips is the most convenient way to lend a little swagger to your salad. Simply toss them through your bowl of dressed greens and protein just before you're ready to serve so they retain their crispy texture and don't become soggy from soaking up the vinaigrette. However, there's something to be said for taking the time and effort to make your own pita chips in the same way you might prepare homemade croutons. The process is as simple as ripping your pita into bite-sized pieces, coating them in a glug of oil, and baking them in a single layer on an oven tray until golden and crispy (here's a quick recipe for pita chips with all the details). 

The benefit of making your own pita chips is that you can add your seasonings of choice, from a basic sprinkling of salt to vibrant paprika, pungent garlic powder, or fragrant dried herbs. All these additions will lend your salad another layer of flavorful attitude, transforming your unassuming bowl of greens into a moreish lunch, dreamy side, or appetizingly fresh dinner. So, the next time you're prepping a salad, pop on some pretty pitta chips to lend your meal textural interest, visual appeal, and next-level flavor.