Over 4,000 Pounds Of Frozen Meat Pizza Recalled Due To Undeclared Soy

In another round of major recalls over undeclared allergens, a local North Dakotan snacks company is pulling most of its frozen pizza product from the shelves due to unlisted soy content. Green Valley Foods — better known as the company behind Grubberputz's Premium Snacks — has announced a recall for 4,062 pounds of frozen meat pizzas that were distributed to grocery retailers in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. According to the FDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announcement, the recall applies to five flavors of Grubberputz's Premium Pizza: Taco, 3-Meater, Hog Unit, House Special, and Pepperoni.

While soy allergies are much more prevalent in children and commonly go away by the age of 3, they still form one of the major categories of the most common food allergies in adults. Symptoms can vary from minor issues of swelling, hives, itchiness, and runny noses, to more serious issues such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, and fainting. So far, there have been no reported health issues from the recalled Grubberputz frozen pizzas; however, the FDA urges any consumers experiencing symptoms to contact their health provider as soon as possible.

What to look out for

Dealing primarily in novelty popcorn and crackers, Grubbersputz's Premium Snacks launched its line of frozen pizzas in July 2020 and has been distributing them to grocery chains such as Leevers. The products affected by the recall were produced throughout 2022 and 2023, beginning and ending on September 20 of each year. According to the FSIS announcement, the issue was only identified during a routine FDA inspection of the Green Valley Foods production facility, where testing revealed the inclusion of unlabelled soy in the product.

So far, it seems the recall is restricted to the four-serving packages ranging from 21.75 to 24.25 ounces, and excludes any of the thin-crusted variations or flavors not listed in the FSIS announcement. The product "may contain the lot codes 2632 through 2633" and can also be identified by the establishment number "M47285" found in the FDA label that reads "inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture." Consumers who have purchased the affected pizzas are urged to either dispose of or return the items to the point of purchase as soon as possible.