The Tip For Turning Leftover Cookie Dough Into A Single-Serve Dessert

We all love a good batch of homemade cookies every now and then, but sometimes you end up with leftover cookie dough – maybe you don't want to make a full batch, or maybe not all of the dough fits on your baking sheet (and you don't want to make multiple batches). Instead of letting that small amount of cookie dough rest in your freezer for way too long, there are plenty of ways to use up that leftover cookie dough, including using it for a single-serve dessert.

If you have any ramekins in your kitchen, then you're in possession of the perfect vessel to make one cookie. All you have to do is add a couple of scoops of that leftover cookie dough into a ramekin and bake it for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is it simple and easy, but it yields a delicious dessert and you avoid food waste.

Other ways to use up leftover cookie dough

While ramekin cookies are a great idea, they're not the only way to use up leftover cookie dough. For example, Tasting Table has a recipe for cookie dough cupcakes, which includes a piece of edible raw cookie dough inside, as well as on top. While most cookie dough isn't safe to eat prior to cooking, there are a few cookie dough recipes out there that are designed to be either safe to eat raw or ready to bake — so if your leftover cookie dough comes from one of these safe-to-eat recipes, then utilizing extra for these cupcakes is a perfect solution.

Similarly, you can make your own cookie dough ice cream by adding safe-to-eat dough to any ice cream you have at home. You could stick it into a bowl of vanilla for a classic take, or make it more decadent with a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

If your leftover cookie dough isn't safe to eat raw, then your best bet for using up that extra would be to incorporate it into other desserts, such as cookie dough cheesecake or cookie dough-infused brownies. You can certainly get creative with it. And, if all else fails, you can simply freeze the extra cookie dough and add it to your next batch of homemade cookies.