Canned Chicken Is Your Go-To For Simpler Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas have long been celebrated for their delicious combination of flavors and textures. However, as any dedicated cook knows, crafting the perfect enchilada can be a labor-intensive endeavor. From making the sauce to simmering the tortillas, cooking and shredding the chicken, and, finally, baking the whole dish, the process can leave even the most enthusiastic cook feeling exhausted before the first bite. But, fear not, because there's a time-saving secret that can transform your enchilada game: canned chicken.

Cooking chicken from scratch means adding another set of steps to the enchilada-making process. It involves seasoning, grilling or baking, and then tediously shredding the chicken to the desired consistency. All of this takes significantly more time and effort for what is already a complex dish.

For those who are leery of canned chicken, taking the time to understand exactly what it is might change your mind. It is nothing more than white meat from the breast that is cooked, shredded or chunked, and packed with salt, water, and chicken broth to help it remain moist. No matter what brand you buy, the company has already done a good portion of the work that goes into your chicken enchiladas. Furthermore, canned chicken is a blank canvas. It can be modified to match the flavors of the enchiladas or any other dish that you're working on.

How to add canned chicken to enchiladas

By using canned chicken, you can streamline your enchilada-making process without sacrificing flavor. Plus, with all of the time you're saving by not having to prepare the chicken, you can flex your culinary prowess in other ways.

Start by sautéing your favorite vegetables, such as bell or poblano peppers, red onions, and minced garlic. These aromatic additions not only bring extra depth of flavor to your enchiladas but also add a healthy dose of nutrients. Once the veggies are tender, simply drain the canned chicken and add it to the sautéed vegetables, allowing it to absorb the flavors. This is also when you can add any aromatic spices and herbs you like. Cumin, oregano, and chili powder are great additions to the fajita-style vegetables and the chicken.

You can enhance your canned chicken even further by mixing it with your favorite canned enchilada sauce or salsa (such as salsa verde) for an instant flavor boost. The canned sauce effortlessly blends with the chicken, infusing it with bold, authentic Mexican flavors. If you use a thinner salsa, allow it time to reduce so that your enchilada filling isn't watery.

With the canned chicken method, your enchiladas will still boast that irresistible combination of tender chicken, savory sauce, and perfectly softened tortillas. Plus, you'll save precious time and effort, making enchiladas a more accessible dish to enjoy regularly.