Avoid This Pitfall When Making Quiches With Store-Bought Dough

Your local grocery store has plenty of great time savers recommended by the likes of Ina Garten, and a handy ready-to-bake pie crust is one of the most convenient offerings. We love the ease of having a pie crust in the freezer for an impromptu dessert or pot pie. If quiche happens to be on the menu, picking up a frozen pie shell will get dinner on the table faster — but be sure to get a deep-dish version. A regular pie shell just won't hold enough of the quiche custard, resulting in either a frustrating overflow or a sad, thin quiche.

Don't make the mistake of trying to roll out a regular-sized crust to get a bit more diameter, either. The result will be too thin, and stretched dough is more likely to shrink back down in the oven, leaving you with an unattractive edge. Even a store-bought deep dish shell may not hold an entire quiche recipe, so use care when filling the crust.

Load up your pie shell

A great pie crust requires a little advance planning — making the dough, chilling the butter and dough to get the best flaky texture, followed by another rest in the refrigerator to firm up the dough before baking. All of that is taken care of when you use a pre-made crust, so you can concentrate your efforts on the yummy filling. If you'd like to boost the flavor of a store-bought pie crust, you can brush on some extra butter.

For your next quiche, try making the elevated filling created for the coronation of King Charles III. There's also the traditional version of quiche Lorraine, rich with bacon, egg, and cheese; perfect for breakfast or brunch. For a flexible recipe that uses whatever veggies you have on hand, try our loaded vegetarian quiche. You can adjust the volume of the vegetables to fit your crust for a perfect result in no time!