The Reason Anthony Bourdain Was A Huge Fan Of Acai Bowls

Though Anthony Bourdain was not one to shy away from hot dogs and global fare, he equally appreciated the health benefits of a homemade acai bowl. In fact, Bourdain enjoyed the fresh, smooth taste of these creamy fruit bowls so much that he included a recipe in his cookbook "Appetites." Packed with nutrients and loaded with antioxidants, acai berries are a powerful superfood and an ingredient that Bourdain's Brazilian martial arts instructors would eat after training.

"Brazilian jiujitsu is a thing in our house," Bourdain admitted in his book while describing consuming training schedules. "Most of our professors are Brazilian, and it is an article of faith among Brazilian practitioners of martial arts that acai, the 'miracle jungle fruit of the Amazon,' is the answer to — and cure for — all things, from ineptness at rear naked choke holds to cancer." Not to mention, the fruit is delicious, Bourdain added, and cold bowls of aesthetically adorned fruit after a series of athletic exercises can feel like well-earned rewards for physical work

Get the blender ready

Blend your own acai bowls at home as you would make a smoothie with your preferences of milk or milk alternatives, fruits, and spoonfuls of nut butter or tahini. Bourdain recommended mixing bananas, blueberries, and raspberries or strawberries together with both acai juice and frozen acai fruit. The mixture should be cold and smooth, like a sorbet.

If you decide to replace some of Bourdain's suggestions with fruit that is in season, include enough of each item to create a thick, creamy base to serve as the foundation for your choice of assorted toppings. Let your culinary creativity run wild as you adorn your acai bowls with chia and sesame seeds, homemade granola, chopped nuts, fresh berries, sprinkles of cinnamon, or flakes of toasted coconut. For an ever greater dose of health-boosting superfoods, add a sprinkle of goji berries to the top of your bowl. Or, include cacao nibs for a sweet finish like Bourdain. Your acai bowl will give you the energy you need to tackle the rest of your day, whether or not you've just completed a tough session at the gym.