Use The Oven To Roast Tomato Soup For A Delicious Cold-Weather Meal

Soup is the best cozy meal when the weather turns colder and the days get dark earlier. With so many possibilities to consider in the category, we have a recommendation: tomato soup. With its cheery color and balance of umami and tangy flavors, it works for every occasion. We've got just the tip so you can get the most flavor from tomatoes even when they are outside of peak season. A blast of heat from the oven concentrates the sugars and adds toasted caramelized aromas for a complex flavor in your bowl.

Roasting tomatoes is a tried-and-true method for enhancing late-season tomatoes. The oven's gentle heat will remove some of the moisture without the threat of scorching the natural sugars as cooking them in a pot might do. The resulting tomatoes are jammy and brimming with a rich taste that won't be diluted by your stock or other ingredients. In fact, roasting all your vegetables can improve their flavor in the same way.

Two recipes for tomato soup success

In a roasted tomato soup recipe developed by Tasting Table's Catherine Brookes, tomatoes, onions, and garlic are all roasted at 400 F before being blended with fresh basil, vegetable stock, and cream. The simple ingredient list lets the tomatoes shine through, and "Fresh basil gives it that extra kick of flavor," according to Brookes. Roasting the onions and garlic adds additional sweetness to balance the acidity, as well as caramelized umami flavors. Brookes advises home cooks to "leave the skin on the garlic while it roasts otherwise it may burn." Simply slip the papery garlic skin off the cloves before blending. 

If you prefer a plant-based alternative, try this appealing vegan roasted tomato soup by Tasting Table recipe developer Alexandra Shytsman. The tomatoes also get a long roast in the hot oven, while the other aromatics are browned in a soup pot and pureed with coconut milk, vegetable broth, and a pinch of additional tomato paste for more depth. Finally, a handful of brown rice cooks in the soup while it simmers to add body. This soup provides a hearty tomato flavor with a bite of chewy rice in each spoonful. No matter which version you prefer, don't hesitate to freeze a few portions for the ultimate cold-weather convenience.