Don't Overdo It On Fillings When Trying To Roll Burritos

It's tempting to fill a burrito to the max when hunger strikes and your fridge is abundant with leftovers that need to be used up. But it's wiser to curb your desire to overstuff your flour tortilla if you want to assemble a leak-proof wrap that safely corrals all those delicious fillings. To prevent your ingredients from making a jailbreak, slow your roll, and don't overdo it with the beans, rice, ground beef, and veggies.

The supersized tortillas used in restaurants are much larger than the regular ones you get from the store, so they won't be able to hold as much filling. But to maintain the structural integrity of your civilian-sized burrito, warm up your tortilla first, either on a pan or directly over a gas flame with some metal tongs. Heating makes the tortilla more pliable and less likely to crack or unravel as you roll it into a tight cylinder. Then layer up your ingredients in a not-too-heaping pile, being mindful to leave about two inches of space around the circumference of your tortilla. This filling-free area will encourage a flawless roll, ensuring your many scrumptious ingredients are neatly encased.

Make two smaller burritos instead of a single large one

If your fillings are plentiful, make a couple of neat baby burritos instead of a hulking bulky one that splits open and leaves your hands messy and your clothes stained. You'll still get to use up all your favorite ingredients, from shredded cheese, refried beans and chicken to guac, peppers, and ground beef, without making a sloppy spectacle of yourself while you devour them.

If you've misjudged your ingredient-to-tortilla ratio and have accidentally crammed your burrito with fillings, try sealing the edge with a smear of sour cream or guac to keep it from unraveling. Simply spread a little on the edge when you make the final roll and give it a few seconds to set (seal side down) before eating. You could also place the entire thing onto a hot pan to create a deliciously crispy seal on the surface of the wrapped tortilla. This will also warm up the ingredients inside, which is perfect if you like your cheese extra melty. 

Another idea is to tightly wrap your 'rito in foil to provide it with some support. Even the messiest of burritos is an absolute treat. The key is to keep some tissues handy for a little post-meal cleanup. If we've awakened your craving for a wrap, we've got plenty more burrito-making tips handy.