It's Best To Wait On Adding Veggies To Freezer Sandwiches

Taking an hour to make and freeze a bunch of sandwiches is an easy way to have meals prepared for the rest of the week. Most sandwich ingredients, like meat and cheese, freeze and defrost well, but unfortunately that's not the case for every topping. Vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, and the like can become soggy and wilted after being frozen and then defrosted, so for the best experience, you should keep them fresh and add them after the rest of your sandwich has thawed out.

The best way to defrost a frozen sandwich is to set it in the refrigerator overnight. Once your sandwich is ready to eat, pull it out of the fridge along with your vegetables. Adding veggies to your defrosted sandwich will ensure that they remain crisp. If your plan for frozen sammies involves taking them to work or on-the-go, consider bringing your vegetables along in a separate container so they can remain at peak freshness. This will also be helpful if you're in a hurry and don't have time to let the sandwich defrost overnight. By the time you get to where you're going, the sandwich should be thawed enough to eat, and you will still have fresh, crunchy vegetables.

More tips for your frozen 'wich

This tip also applies to condiments like mayo and mustard. Applying these toppings before freezing a sandwich can lead to them seeping into the bread and making it soggy once thawed. Instead, add condiments to the defrosted sandwich along with the veggies. If you must freeze your sandwich with condiments in tow, layer them on the meat or cheese so they aren't directly touching the bread. Another way to prevent a soggy freezer sandwich is to toast it beforehand. Toasting the bread and choosing a firm, crusty variety will give your sandwich more structural stability and should stop more moisture from seeping into it.

If you are really short on time and must put vegetables on your sandwich before you freeze it, do your best to ensure the veggies are as dry as possible. Lay them out on a paper towel and pat them dry, or put leafy greens in a salad spinner to remove excess moisture and help your sandwiches stay good for longer. Otherwise, wait until you're ready to dig in before adding your vegetables so the whole thing tastes more freshly made.