Upgrade Your Air Fryer S'mores With A Cookie Dough Topping

You can upgrade your s'mores in a multitude of ways, whether you switch up your chocolate, use Nutella, or swap out the campfire for the air fryer. In making s'mores this latter way, you leave the door open for all kinds of innovative opportunities, beginning with your graham crackers. Graham crackers are certainly the most traditional way to sandwich summer's favorite dessert, but they often prove delicate and crumbly — and not always the ideal topping. So, if you've ever wanted to upgrade air-fried s'mores, forgo the top graham cracker in favor of cookie dough.

This idea, which has been popularized thanks to TikTok, uses raw cookie dough to finish off a tried-and-true s'more. You assemble your dessert as you normally would, with a graham cracker base and marshmallow and chocolate interior. However, when the time comes to top the marshmallow, you use smushed cookie dough as your treat's roof. From there, pop the concoction in the air fryer, and let the s'more work its magic.

Given the complementary flavors of cookie dough, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, this combination is genius — and presents ample opportunities for further innovation. 

Replace your top graham cracker with your favorite cookie dough

If your favorite part of s'mores is the chocolate, this trick is for you. Upgrading your s'mores with cookie dough instead of a top graham cracker gives you the chance to maximize your favorite flavors. Think standard chocolate chip cookies, a classic oatmeal raisin dough, salted chocolate chunk batter. All cookies are fair game and certain to elevate your s'mores into an entirely new category of dessert. You can even cover your cookie in peanut butter if you so, please. 

Once you make — or buy — your cookie dough, top off your s'more. Make sure to flatten the cookie dough so it covers as much of your marshmallow as possible. From there, pop it in the air fryer on a sheet of tin foil. TikToker Daily with Deana sets the air fryer to 350 degrees and bakes the s'more cookie for eight minutes. Sure, the dessert may be more of a s'more cookie than a cookie s'more, but while it's not one to eat with your hands over a campfire, it will have you tasting summer all year.