Why You Should Avoid Buying Chick-Fil-A Sauce From The Restaurant

If you're a sauce lover, you may be a fan of Chick-fil-A's signature sauce. And you may also know that the Chick-fil-A sauce, along with its other sauces, including Polynesian, Garlic Herb Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Barbeque, are all available to buy in bottle form at any Chick-fil-A restaurant. But what you may not know is that buying a bottle from a Chick-fil-A restaurant is not the best deal you can get when it comes to buying their sauces. This is because all Chick-fil-A sauces are also available to buy in stores such as Walmart and Target — and in bigger-sized bottles.

While Chick-fil-A restaurants only offer 8-ounce bottles, retail stores offer 16-ounce and 24-ounce bottles for a better deal. The 8-ounce bottles in Chick-fil-A restaurants are priced at $2.75 per bottle, which prices out to about 34 cents per ounce. Meanwhile, at Walmart for example, a 16 oz bottle is priced at $4.18, which comes out to about 26 cents per oz, and a 24 oz bottle costs $5.76, which comes out to the best deal of 24 cents per ounce. 

The prices at other stores may vary, as may the price of in-restaurant bottles depending on location. However, while buying a bottle of your favorite Chick-fil-A sauce while you're dining at one of the locations may be the most convenient, it's certainly not the best deal.

If all else fails, you can make your own Chick-fil-A sauce

It's definitely beneficial to have a 24-ounce bottle of your favorite Chick-fil-A sauce ready to go, but it's also worth noting that you could totally make your own version of some of their sauces. Take the classic eponymous sauce for example: Thanks to a tweet from the company back in 2012, we know what's really in Chick-fil-A sauce: It's a mix of honey mustard, barbecue sauce, and ranch. While they didn't reveal the proportions of each of these sauces, you can start with an equal amount of each and adjust from there depending on your personal preferences.

Additionally, the ingredients in the Polynesian sauce, which is similar to a sweet and sour sauce, are also available online — notable ingredients include tomato paste, mustard seed, and corn-cider vinegar. This one may be a bit harder to make on your own, but, just like Chick-fil-A's signature sauce, you can personalize the measurements to your liking.