Milk Bar Creates Special Edition Cheetos Cake Loaded With Cheesy Crunch

One of our favorite cheesy orange snacks celebrated its 75th anniversary on September 6, and what better way to honor the occasion than with a Cheetos-themed cake made by Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi? The sweet and savory dessert boasts Cheetle-infused frosting and Milk Bar's classic sprinkle flecked birthday cake. If you're unfamiliar, Cheetle is the official word for the iconic snack's orange dust — the stuff that gets all over your fingers when you dip into a bag of Cheetos. As Tosi explained to Tasting Table, the Cheetos crumbs tucked between frosting layers are a spin on the classic Milk Bar birthday cake crumbs, except they are tossed in Cheetle. The top of the cake features alternating Cheetos and birthday cake crumbs.

Not only is this cake a celebratory delight for Cheetos, but it's a dream creation for Tosi. "I'm fully obsessed with Cheetos," she told Tasting Table. Even going back to her teenage days, the chef loved the Cheetos-dessert combination, so much so that she would dip the snacks in a tub of vanilla frosting. "I call it my 'dirty dessert secret,' which is like the thing you eat when no one else is looking — though I talk about it so much it's not really a secret anymore," she said. "It's inspired by that salty-sweet moment. The tension between super creamy, velvety rich vanilla frosting and the crunchy, cheesy Cheetos."

The cake that was inspired by Christina Tosi's teenage love for Cheetos can be yours

Anyone dying to try out this latest unexpected food collaboration is in luck. For a limited time, Milk Bar is selling its 6-inch "Cheetos x Milk Bar Birthday Cake" for $62 and a 10-inch version for $140. The orders will ship the week of September 11, and the cakes can last up to five days in the fridge. "Both Milk Bar and Cheetos have built such loyal communities thanks to our unexpected innovations, and now fans can celebrate with the dessert mashup they never knew they needed," Tosi said in a press release. "Trust me, it's a 'run don't walk' situation."

If you're interested in purchasing one of these limited edition cakes, your tastebuds aren't the only ones that will benefit. Per the press release, part of the proceeds will go to The Birthday Party Project, a nonprofit that helps homeless children turn their birthdays into special occasions. To get yours, visit Milk Bar's New York or LA flagship bakeries, or head to the Milk Bar website.

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