KFC Adds Hot & Spicy Wings To The Menu To Kick Off Football Season

Kentucky Fried Chicken just revealed plans to wow football fans this fall, hoping to score a big win with its new Hot & Spicy Wings. These are not your standard wings, having been given the touch the colonel's crack team is known for. They are marinated in a spicy sauce and breaded twice in the company's legendary Extra Crispy breading, so every bite packs a bit of heat and a satisfying crunch. Though these wings are new to sports fans stateside, they're already a big hit overseas. And while they have a touch of heat, the juicy chicken bites are approachably piquant; if you want something more intense, be sure to bring your own favorite hot sauce along to the watch party. 

To encourage people to try the Hot & Spicy Wings for themselves, KFC is offering a special deal for a limited time. According to the company's press release, KFC is selling eight wings for only $4.99, starting on September 10. As Nick Chavez, the Chief Marketing Officer for KFC U.S., put it, "We're coming in hot (and spicy) this football season with a truly unmatched deal." Compared to competitors' comparable takeout meal offerings, this deal contains two more wings for a full dollar less. 

Free delivery for Thursday night football

If the new Hot & Spicy Wings aren't enough to woo football devotees, KFC has another offer to make its food the go-to snack for game night. Now Thursday nights will not only mean football but free delivery from KFC, too. Any orders made on KFC.com and the KFC app from participating locations will be eligible for this special promotion beginning on September 7, 2023.

The new Hot & Spicy Wings has already won over Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his family, who have raved about them. Former NFL player and current head coach at the University of Colorado Boulder and his family started teaming up with KFC earlier this year. To further demonstrate how much KFC loves football, the company will be releasing special sports content on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. Pro quarterback Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings and sports personality Taylor Rooks will be featured in this new video series, which begins on September 14, 2023.