Exclusive Trailer - Season 2 Of Emeril Tailgates Promises Even More Food And Fun

How can football fans take their tailgate cooking up a notch? Sure, they can take a cooking class, watch videos online, or buy a tailgating-specific cookbook. Or, they can turn to culinary legend Emeril Lagasse, who is coming back on September 7 for a second fun-filled season of his hit Roku cooking show "Emeril Tailgates," and Tasting Table has an exclusive sneak-peek. Last season, superfans joined Lagasse in New Orleans, Louisiana, to craft cuisine that's both satisfying and indicative of their hometowns, but with the kind of twist that only he can provide.

"Season two is a whole new roster of incredible folks who love their teams and cooking as much as they do the community they help create by throwing these incredible tailgates," Lagasse told Tasting Table. "It set the bar higher for me to think beyond traditional tailgating dishes like burgers and dogs to bringing in unique menus that helped shine a light on dishes and ingredients indigenous to the different places."

Shot in the middle of New Orlean's famed City Park, "Emeril Tailgates" rolls sports fandom, love for food, traditions, and Lagasse's signature enthusiasm into one package that is the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming NFL season. In the first episode, Lagasse plays host to fans of the Houston Texans and he delivers with a Tex-Mex feast of ancho-rubber flap steak, grilled jalapeno poppers, and chili con queso. The next episode sees a Ravens fan fly in to create a seafood feast worthy of crab-obsessed Maryland. Other cities represented in this season include Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati.

Cooking up a whole new season

Lagasse said that through the course of the series, he also picked up some culinary tips from the football enthusiasts he worked with. "I thought I was the food guy or at least knew a thing or two about it, but when I realized how our super fans tailor their menus to reflect their cities' food culture, I was impressed," he divulged. "I also was the one learning!"

While the delicious food certainly steals the show at times, Lagasse doesn't just show the guests how to cook the dishes but also dispenses advice on how to approach tailgating strategically. "I think prior proper planning your menu in advance and thinking through the timing and execution," Lagasse explained. "Whether you're at home watching the game or at the stadium, you want to enjoy yourself and not be stressed trying to get the food out."

The question then arises, how does the man himself approach gameday eating? Lagasse laid out for us a few of his top options that allow for grazing over the course of four quarters. He likes to have a pot of chili simmering on the stove as well as pulled pork butt with various sauces for folks to choose from. "I also love having a sweet treat too," he revealed. "The shoefly pie I made for the Philadelphia Eagle superfans will be on my own tailgating menu this season!"

Season two of "Emeril Tailgates" is available to stream exclusively on The Roku Channel starting on September 7.