Michael Voltaggio's White Pizza Lets You Have Avocado Toast For Dinner

As a popular breakfast and brunch item, avocado toast has risen from a trendy dish to a treasured favorite in recent years. The basic avocado toast comes as mashed or sliced avocado atop a hearty piece of toast, with seasonings and other toppings to taste — it's completely customizable. This hallmark of avocado toast inspired "Top Chef" season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio to transform this morning classic into the perfect dinner-time meal: a pizza.

For his Avocado Toast Pizza recipe, which he shared on Food Network's "Guy's Ranch Kitchen," Voltaggio uses a white sauce base. He blends together a few creamy cheeses like goat cheese, mascarpone, and ricotta, seasons the mixture, and folds in minced garlic, lemon zest, and fresh herbs such as basil and oregano. This cheese mixture is slathered on a rolled-out pizza dough cooked in a pizza oven until the crust crisps up.

To finish the pizza, Voltaggio adds slices of avocado and garnishes with sea salt and crushed red pepper. A slice of Voltaggio's pizza takes a light avocado toast and creates a satisfying avocado flatbread meal.

Avocado toast pizza is customizable

For Voltaggio, pizza dough became the perfect canvas for a fusion of foods he enjoys. "Basically the avocado toast pizza is a play on two of my favorite things: I love a good white pizza and an avocado toast," he said on "Guy's Ranch Kitchen."

The crispness from the thin crust compliments and holds the creaminess found in the white sauce and the avocado slices. Waiting until after the pizza cooks to add the fruit helps maintain the freshness and color that's typical in a traditional avocado toast. 

What makes this avocado toast pizza so versatile is that it's just as customizable as the dish itself. Swap out Voltaggio's favorite toppings for yours. Add a drizzle of honey or sliced cherry tomatoes or diced cucumbers or even finish with a dusting of za'taar or a squeeze of lemon juice. However you like your avocado toast, Voltaggio's pizza offers the perfect way to encapsulate its breakfast flavors during dinner time.