Don't Forget About Toppings When Making Pudding

Across the globe, pudding is a popular and well-loved food. Eating pudding can inspire a smile on its own but if the texture is too bland, a sprinkle of toppings can infuse just the right final flourish. Let your creativity blossom from experimenting with pudding toppings, and the memories of yummy indulgence will linger.

Pudding toppings offer different sensory properties, such as flavor, texture, and appearance. When you present your kids with a pudding topping bar filled with a selection of whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and granola, the screams of delight and sticky faces are worth the effort. But options can go far beyond these kid-friendly snacks. 

Are you ready to increase the adult appeal of this old-fashioned dessert with specialty fine chocolate candies, a dusting of mixed nuts, fresh tropical fruits, farmer's market jams, or crushed gourmet cookies? Draw upon your inner creativity and, with just a little extra thought, you can transform retro pudding into a final dessert course delicacy.

Creative flavors and textures

Whether you're serving a bowl of warm peach pudding or using your leftover bread slices to bake a classic bread pudding, there's a pudding out there for everyone, and, when you add specialty toppings, it takes dessert to a whole new level. Here are sometimes gooey and always delicious topping ideas to make your pudding come alive with flair and flavor, which will transform your pudding into a rich dessert treat.

Try vanilla bean pudding with brown butter shortbread bars and a drizzle of honey, lemon curd with an inverted graham crust and salted caramel sauce, or banana pudding with crumbled vanilla sugar cookies and white chocolate chips. Chocolate pudding with diced peanuts and mini marshmallows is also an idea, as is dirt pudding with Oreos. Figgy pudding with walnut toffee sauce or white chocolate and raspberry self-saucing pudding with fresh local raspberries and mint would also be tasty.

If you want your guests to smile at the anticipation of a new flavor experience, serve the sure bet of pudding and topping, as together they create a truly satisfying sensation. You'll be tempted to sneak one and enjoy the deliciousness before your guests arrive.