The Easy Way To Ensure Your Asparagus Is Fully Seasoned

Asparagus tops pretty high on the charts of "Best Vegetable Sides." It is quick and easy to cook and is packed with nutrients like vitamin K, folate, and even a bit of protein. The earthy taste goes perfectly with chicken, pork chops, or practically any other main dish. However, asparagus does have one issue: Due to its cylindrical shape, it can be hard for seasoning, especially salt, to stick to it. But there's no need to resign yourself to unseasoned asparagus, as this problem can be easily overcome with a few extra steps.

Per a TikTok from America's Test Kitchen, brining asparagus is the best way to make sure they are fully seasoned. To do so, start by using a fork or toothpick to poke holes into raw asparagus, checking to ensure you don't miss any surface area. Then, prepare the brine by filling a bowl with four cups of water and mixing in a quarter of a cup of Kosher salt. Place the asparagus in the brine so that it is completely covered by the water, and leave it alone for about an hour while it soaks up the salt.

Brine your asparagus to imbue it with salty goodness

After the asparagus has been sufficiently seasoned, it is ready to be cooked. This technique works for asparagus that is going to be roasted, grilled, or sautéed, but it might not be great when blanching or steaming asparagus since the water may dilute the saltiness that you worked so hard to achieve. The easiest way to cook your brined asparagus is probably to lay the spears out on a baking sheet, sprinkle on a bit of olive oil and pepper, and pop everything into a 425 degree Fahreneheit oven for about 12 minutes. The final product should be perfectly roasted and wonderfully seasoned.

There are plenty of other tips that will help you take your asparagus to the next level, like roasting it alongside other items in the oven. Draping the spears with a few thin slices of lemon or nestling them next to cloves of garlic will infuse the asparagus with different flavors that couldn't be achieved by cooking the vegetable alone.

Whether you're grilling up a plate of asparagus for a summer picnic or tossing it into the oven for a quick weeknight side, you'll want it to be as flavorful as possible. No one wants bland asparagus, so toss it in a saltwater brine before cooking for a delectable result.