Michelin Restaurant Coda In Berlin Has A Menu Dedicated To Your Sweet Tooth

In the heart of Berlin's trendy Neukölln district lies a gastronomic jewel that's challenging every notion we've ever held about desserts. Coda, a two-Michelin star establishment, offers a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience: A 15-course menu composed entirely of desserts. But these aren't just any desserts; these are the creations of a mastermind who's turning the dessert world upside down, using none other than vegetables as many of the star ingredients.

While dessert is typically associated with indulgence, sweetness, and the perfect end to a meal, at Coda, it's the main event. But not in the way you might expect. Pastry Chef René Frank, the genius behind this revolutionary concept, believes in the power of transformation. In his kitchen, vegetables shed their humble roles, resulting in dishes that are as delicious as they are unexpected.

If you think you know what carrot cake or zucchini bread tastes like, think again. Chef Frank's creations at Coda redefine dessert entirely because he uses vegetables just as many chefs use fruits in desserts. These are not simply desserts; they are stunning combinations of flavor and texture, each course a beautiful juxtaposition of sweet, savory, crisp, and creamy elements.

It isn't all about sugar

The concept, while undoubtedly avant-garde, is rooted in a deep respect for ingredients. By using vegetables in desserts, Coda showcases the versatility and depth of flavors these earthy components can bring to a dish with their natural sugars. Furthermore, this culinary innovation speaks to the larger movement of sustainable dining. By focusing on vegetables, which are often locally sourced and have a lower carbon footprint than many other ingredients, Coda is making a statement about the future of fine dining: It can be luxurious, delicious, and responsible.

For those lucky enough to secure a reservation at this culinary haven, a meal at Coda is not just about enjoying dessert. It's about breaking barriers, challenging perceptions, and embarking on a sensory adventure. As you move from one course to the next across four hours, you'll find that the line between sweet and savory blurs, and the realm of possibility for what constitutes a dessert expands exponentially. 

While the menu changes seasonally, core dishes include a 12-gram Caviar D'Aquitaine "Sturia" Osietra, wrapped in Jerusalem artichoke-bourbon vanilla ice cream with a creamy pecan ganache center and a brioche doughnut filled with aged Gouda and drizzled with turnip caramel. The signature dish is black garlic creme, parsley root ice cream, caramelized pistachios, and a vinaigrette of parsley leaf oil and lime

In a world where food is often about trends and fleeting fads, Coda's inventive dessert menu stands out as a testament to creativity, sustainability, and the endless potential of ingredients.