Ina Garten's 14 Favorite Spots To Eat In Paris

When she's not busy whipping up lemon chicken or roasted Brussels sprouts at her palatial mansion in the Hamptons, Ina Garten can be found strolling the streets of Paris. The "Barefoot Contessa" star is a longtime lover of the French capital and even owns a pied-a-terre in the chic 7th arrondissement. In between buying blooms from Adriane M Fleuriste and shopping for groceries at La Grande Épicerie, Garten leaves plenty of time for exploring the city's best eateries.

Whether you're a fan of the Food Network star or the City of Lights, you'll enjoy this list of Ina Garten's 14 favorite spots to eat in Paris. In it, you'll find a combination of restaurants, cafes, and food shops that Garten has either gushed about online or talked about in interviews. Some spots, like Poilâne bakery, Barthélémy cheese shop, and Café de Flore are perennial favorites, while others, like Twenty-Two Club Paris, are new loves. Either way, we're confident that you'll bookmark at least one or two of these recommendations before your next trip to Paris.


If there's one place in Paris where Ina Garten loves to eat, it's Poilâne bakery. Long before she'd achieved fame, Garten had to scrape together her meager savings to pay for treats from the famed Parisian bakery. In fact, Garten and husband Jeffrey had so little money that they couldn't even afford a hotel room. Instead, the pair opted for a tent on the outskirts of Paris. Putting baked goods ahead of lodging? That's dedication, to say the least.

Flash forward 50 years and Garten has no trouble paying for her favorite sourdough loaves. Even better, her Parisian apartment is located within walking distance of Poilâne's Saint-Germain-Des-Prés location in the 6th arrondissement. As if that weren't enough, Garten collaborated with Poilâne's owner, Apollonia Poilâne, during her "Barefoot Contessa in Paris Part Deux" special on Food Network. Using the bakery's famous sourdough bread, the pair made pastrami tartines, a French take on the classic American sandwich.

Café de Flore

Café de Flore is known for their longstanding history and celebrity clientele. Established in 1887, the cafe takes its name from Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, a statue of whom can be found opposite the establishment on Boulevard Saint-Germain. Throughout its history, Café de Flore is said to have been the site of some very famous happenings. For instance, the term surrealism is said to have been coined here. The cafe's terrace was also a favorite of intellectuals like Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus. More recently, Café de Flore has hosted runway shows for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Along with lots of French celebrities, Café de Flore has attracted plenty of well-known Americans: Truman Capote, James Baldwin, and yes, even Ina Garten have graced the cafe's legendary terrace. She loves it so much, in fact, that Garten named Café de Flore as one of her favorite restaurants in the world. Whenever she visits the City of Lights, she makes sure to order an omelet and a glass of Champagne. That said, she's not afraid to mix things up. In an Instagram post, Garten shared a picture of her longtime husband Jeffrey enjoying chips, Perrier, and a glass of rosé.

Twenty-Two Club Paris

Named for the 22 seats around its communal dining table, Twenty-Two Club Paris is one of the city's most difficult reservations to score and it's easy to see why. For starters, the fancy supper club is only open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Next, there's the intimate atmosphere and stunning view; Twenty-Two Club is located in a private apartment across from the oh-so-Parisian Palais Royal. These explanations, paired with the aforementioned lack of seating, make Twenty-Two Club Paris one of the city's most sought-after dining spots.

Garten was lucky enough to grab one of these coveted spots during her first trip to Paris post-pandemic. She gushed about the meal on her Instagram account, calling the food "beyond delicious" and describing the setting as stunning. While Garten's photos didn't reveal a whole lot about what she ate, she did mention hot smoked trout salad in a hashtag. Beyond that, we know owners Braden and Laura Perkins serve an ever-changing tasting menu that features locally-grown produce from their farm near Rambouillet, France.


Garten's love of French cheese is no secret. Indeed, she's mentioned her obsession with the salty stuff in more than one Instagram post. Never one to gatekeep, Garten shared her favorite Parisian cheese shop in an Instagram post from 2022. The shop in question? Barthélémy, a small family-run establishment on rue de Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement. Like many of Garten's Parisian recommendations, Barthélémy is just steps away from her pied-a-terre in the same neighborhood.

We're not sure which type of cheese Garten bought, but it's pretty hard to go wrong based on Barthélémy's reputation. The shop has been in business since 1959 and easily became one of the city's most famous spots for fromage. As you'd expect, Barthélémy specializes in artisanal French cheeses, but what you might not realize is that they focus primarily on raw milk cheeses. Their specialty is Fontainebleau, a whipped cow's milk cheese typically served with powdered sugar or fresh fruit.

Café Varenne

Located steps away from Musée d'Orsay and the Rodin Museum in the 7th arrondissement, Café Varenne looks like just another Parisian brasserie from the outside. But, as soon as you take a step inside, the cafe's charming interior transports you back in time. We're not exaggerating when we say that the red leather banquettes, tiled floor, and wood-paneled bar look like they belong in the Paris of the 1920s.

With its prime location and old-school Parisian feel, Café Varenne could easily be a tourist trap, but it's not. Here, you'll find home-cooked French meals like onion soup, duck confit, and roast chicken served with a smile. Garten chose something lighter during a recent trip to the restaurant, opting for chèvre chaud, a salad with warm goat cheese, served with French fries. Garten loved the dish so much that she referred to it as the "lunch of champions" in an Instagram post.

Chez L'Ami Louis

Garten is in good company when it comes to her love of Chez L'Ami Louis. Along with fellow cookbook author Patricia Wells, celebrities like Jack Black, Lanny Kravitz, and Stanley Tucci have been spotted at this cramped, atmospheric spot in the 3rd arrondissement. The restaurant, whose name roughly translates to "Friend Louis'", has been a Parisian favorite since its opening in 1930. Nowadays, it's the kind of restaurant that just doesn't exist anymore. Everything from the checkered curtains and wood-paneled walls to the white-jacketed waiters and the smell of home-cooked food harkens back to a simpler time.

Chez L'Ami Louis specializes in French dishes like roast chicken with potatoes, escargot with parsley butter, and veal chop. Diners pay a high price for these seemingly basic entrees, with the whole roasted chicken priced at around 120 euros. Even if you're willing to pay the high prices, you'll struggle to get a reservation. Thanks to its storied reputation and club-like operating procedures, you either have to know someone or book a table months in advance.

Jeffrey Cagnes

Most of Ina Garten's top Parisian food spots are located the 7th arrondissement; however, she has been known to venture further afield, especially if it means getting her hands on some world-class pastries. One bakery that's worth a trip is Jeffrey Cagnes. Located in the 2nd and 17th arrondissements, Jeffrey Cagnes specializes in brightly-colored fruit tarts, delicate eclairs, and even chocolate bars. In addition to pastries, Cagnes also sells viennoiseries like croissants, pain au chocolats, and chaussons aux pommes (aka apple turnovers).

Garten had fun photographing these delights during a May 2022 trip to Paris and even shared a couple of Cagnes' creations with her Instagram followers. More specifically, Garten's Jeffrey Cagnes post showed a chocolate éclair and a vanilla St. Honoré cake, a traditional French pastry made with puff pastry, custard, and caramelized-sugar-dipped cream puffs. Although she appears to enjoy browsing, it looks like she ultimately went home with a raspberry tart.

Bistrot Paul Bert

While most of Ina Garten's Parisian recommendations have come via excited Instagram posts, Bistrot Paul Bert is straight from the Ask Ina page of the Barefoot Contessa website. Garten mentioned the lively spot in response to a fan question looking for a delicious, yet unpretentious restaurant in the City of Love. Although she's never publicized the 11th arrondissement bistro, it's easy to see what she loves about it. Not only does it have the look and feel of a typical Parisian restaurant (think leather banquettes and a wood-paneled bar), but the rotating menu is exactly what you'd expect when dining in France.

Appetizers include everything from cucumber gazpacho and burrata salad with olive tapenade, to fried eggs with black truffles and scallops with garlic sauce. Mains include pepper steak, lobster, and beef carpaccio. And let's not forget about dessert. In addition to the obligatory French cheese plate, Bistrot Paul Bert offers a floating island dessert that's guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Maison Verot

If Ina Garten's Instagram account is to be believed, then it's safe to say that she spends a fair amount of time shopping at Maison Verot, a specialty charcuterie store with five boutiques scattered around Paris. Maison Verot has been around since 1930 and has gained quite a reputation (and several awards) over the years. In 2001, it won a medal of Agricultural Merit. Another prestigious award came in 2011 when Maison Verot was crowned vice-champion of the world for its pâté en croûte (aka ground meat wrapped in a pastry crust).

While pâté en croûte is the brand's calling card, its selection of dry-cured sausages and sliced ham is nothing short of impressive. Besides meat products, Maison Verot boutiques sell deli salads, mini quiches, desserts, and even snails. In an Instagram post from May 20, 2022, Garten delighted at the diverse selection, singling out the homemade pâté, salami, and crème brûlée. She seemed particularly pleased to see snails on offer, but it's unclear if she splurged on the French delicacy.

Le Voltaire

More than just a clever name, Le Voltaire occupies the ground floor of the 7th arrondissement building where the celebrated French writer and philosopher once lived. Garten shared a photo of her 2015 visit to the restaurant on her Instagram, stating that it was "heaven on earth." That's pretty high praise from someone as well-versed in French cuisine as Garten. Not only does Le Voltaire's decor (velvet benches, wood-paneled walls, and sconces) scream old-school French. So does its menu: Foie gras, beef filet with bearnaise sauce, and steak tartare are just a few of the Gallic dishes offered.

Although the Food Network star didn't share any photos of her meal, it's safe to assume that she ordered the filet au poivre (aka pepper steak or steak au poivre) based on her use of the hashtag #filetaupoivre. Steak au poivre is a classic French dish that combines filet mignon with a peppercorn crust and a Cognac-based sauce. When cooked, the peppercorns form a crust on the steak and provide a striking flavor contrast.

Café Marly

Some restaurants have great food. Others have amazing ambiance. Le Café Marly is one of those rare unicorns that has both. Nestled beneath the arcades of the Louvre Museum, Café Marly offers some of the most amazing views Paris has to offer. Depending on where you sit, you'll see I.M. Pei's Louvre Pyramid, the Tuileries Garden, or just some really well-heeled Parisians sipping on their favorite drinks.

Garten recommended the cafe in an interview with Fodor's Travel, mentioning that it would be a great spot to soak up the sun in between a visit to the Louvre and reading time in the Tuileries Garden. That sounds like a pretty solid itinerary to us. While the setting at Le Café Marly is paramount, it would be a mistake to discount the food and drinks. Here, you'll find French favorites like croque monsieurs, foie gras, and niçoise salad served alongside international favorites like spring rolls, cheeseburgers, and smoked salmon. As a warning, it's pretty pricy, but some views are worth a couple of extra euros.

Au Bon Accueil

Au Bon Accueil translates roughly to "good welcome" and that's exactly what you'll get when you visit this charming restaurant in Paris' 7th arrondissement. When it comes to food, expect market-inspired French cuisine with a home-cooked touch. Main dishes include classics like roast chicken, catch of the day fish, and mushroom risotto. Pair your meal with a glass (or bottle, no judgment) of artisanal wine. And make sure to save room for dessert — Au Bon Accueil offers a selection of cheese, chocolate mousse, and pavlovas.

In typical Barefoot Contessa fashion, Ina Garten provides fans with a full itinerary to accompany their experience at the restaurant. After eating, she recommends taking a walk around the base of the nearby Eiffel Tower, followed by a stroll along the Seine River. If you're feeling really ambitious, then feel free to check out the Quay Branly Museum and the Saint Trinity Cathedral during your promenade.

Frenchie To Go

For all of their culinary clout, it seems as though every celebrity chef has at least one guilty pleasure food. The late Anthony Bourdain was a fan of Popeyes' macaroni and cheese, Martha Stewart loves a good slice of American cheese, and Alex Guarnaschelli admits to craving vanilla ice cream drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. Like her peers, one of Ina Garten's favorite meals is one you won't see on any Michelin-starred menu. So, what's this meal that she can't live without? A hot dog and French fries from Frenchie to Go in Paris.

In a 2017 interview with Today, Garten revealed that the simple dish would be her ideal last meal on earth. Based on an Instagram of the meal in question, it's easy to see what's so appealing about Frenchie to Go's wieners. Not only are they massive, but they're also homemade by chef Gregory Marchand. Unfortunately for Garten, Marchand closed Frenchie to Go in mid-2023. The good news is that Marchard's next project, an Italian restaurant called L'Altro, will swoop in to fill the void.

Verjus Paris

Opened by American couple Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian (the same team behind Twenty-Two Club Paris) in 2011, Verjus Paris is a homey restaurant located near Palais Royal. It's famous for its six-course tasting menu based around produce from the couple's farm in nearby Rambouillet, France. As a result, the menu changes often, so you can never be sure what you'll get when making a reservation here.

Past menus have included dishes as diverse as lamb tartare, purple potato and chickpea socca, and artichoke with an egg yolk and saffron dipping sauce. We know Ina Garten dined on similar dishes because she was spotted at Verjus Paris by a fan in 2018. She very graciously took a picture with them and shared some of her top Paris restaurant recommendations. Verjus Paris was closed throughout the pandemic and just reopened in May 2023 following a lengthy renovation of its exhaust system. Thankfully, that means the space will be ready to welcome Garten the next time she makes a trip to Paris.