Use Tic Tac Containers To Store Spices More Conveniently

Tic Tacs are beloved due to their ability to freshen your breath while also delivering a sweet candy experience. On top of that, they also have one of the most iconic candy containers ever made. Since their invention in 1969, these little mints have sat happily inside clear plastic containers with a resealable opening made to dispense one Tic Tac at a time. With such a unique design, it can be a shame to toss out these boxes after they're empty, which is why you should try repurposing them into spice containers.

Keeping essential spices in Tic Tac containers is a fun, easy way to add some visual interest to your spice cabinet. Each container has about an ounce of space, so this hack is great for people with smaller kitchens who want to display their spices without crowding the counters with bulky spice bottles. Start by giving your empty Tic Tac boxes a quick rinse, and removing the labels by soaking them in hot soapy water. Then, after ensuring the boxes are dry, you just have to pour the spice from its original container into the Tic Tac box — fashioning a funnel out of a study piece of paper might help you out — and you're done.

Tic Tac containers are great for on-the-go spices

Along with working well in small spaces, spice-filled Tic Tac containers can be a real boon for people with discerning palates on the go. For example, if you are at a picnic where the food is less than satisfactory, Tic Tac containers full of salt and pepper will go a long way when it comes to flavoring everything so you can still enjoy your meal. Or, if you're due for a long road trip, a garlic powder Tic Tac container can help bring some spice (literally) to bland hotel breakfast food.

To put a personal touch on your new spice containers, you can decorate them so it's clear what each one is holding. You could keep it simple by writing or printing out labels with the name of each spice, or you can go totally crafty with different paper patterns that match your kitchen. Whichever route you choose, just make sure to put your labels on the outside of the containers so they don't get stained by the spice.

Keeping your kitchen organized can be boring, but hacks like this one make it a lot more fun. Between the novelty of the small, uniform containers and the usefulness they provide, keeping spices in Tic Tac containers is definitely a trick worth trying out. Best of all, it gives you an excuse to eat more of these delicious little mints.