Canned Mushrooms Are So Much Better After A Quick Trip To The Air Fryer

Compared to fresh produce, canned mushrooms tend to take a backseat. The fresh fungi's canned cousin works great in a pinch, but its soft texture is no match for a bag of firm and fresh portobello or shiitake mushrooms. However, with a little bit of care — and an air fryer — you can transform even canned mushrooms into a crackling and delicious dish. In fact, the air fryer works wonders on canned mushrooms precisely because it adjusts their texture; air fry them long enough, and they'll even get crispy. So long, wet and mushy mushrooms!

Of course, there are a multitude of ways in which you can use canned mushrooms that range from sautéing them with white wine to using them to top off a delicious cheeseburger. Air frying, however, is one of the best ways to cook them, not only because it improves texture, but also because it takes so little time and just as little effort.

Crisp up mushrooms in the air fryer for just a few minutes

Open a can of mushrooms, and you're halfway done preparing your air fried side dish. Seriously, air frying mushrooms is that easy. All you have to do is heat up your air fryer and drain your mushrooms. Because canned mushrooms tend to be kept in water, it's best to make sure they don't retain any moisture so they can get extra crispy. After you drain them, pat them dry.

From there, you can add your choice of seasonings to enhance the flavor. Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, paprika, herbs — you name it. You can also add a drizzle of olive oil or even soy sauce to boost flavor. Before you start adding seasonings, make sure to read the label on the can; some may already include the basics, like salt.

Once your mushrooms are seasoned, it's time for the final step: air frying. You'll want the temperature somewhere around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook your mushrooms for about 8 to 10 minutes, and, once they're done, you should be all set. If you're having fun with your air fryer, why not keep the heat on and pop open some other cans? Canned chickpeas, corn, and even tuna hold up perfectly well in the air fryer. And, who knows, maybe they'll taste great alongside those air-fried mushrooms.