Nissin's New GEKI Chili-Infused Noodles Bring A Bolder Spice Than Before

What's more satisfying than noodles drenched in chili sauce? How about noodles infused with chilis? Nissin Foods USA has launched just that from its new brand GEKI. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, you can buy the novelty packets now at Sam's Club, or wait just a few days to get them on Amazon in September.

GEKI is only offering one chili-infused product so far, and it's sure to be a spicy one. "We know that spicy food experiences are embedded in American culture and a recent food industry study found that 65% of consumers are choosing spicy meals when cooking at home," said Nissin Foods USA's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Priscila Stanton. As promised, the noodles are injected directly with red chili flakes and a blend of Asian spices that turn them red and give them an intensely fiery flavor. The red hue was created to help customers see the spice before they taste it — and even the brand's name is centered around bringing the heat, since GEKI means "extreme" in Japanese. You'll get a chicken-flavored seasoning packet along with the noodles, which is also full of spicy flavor.

GEKI's new packets are the first chili-infused noodles in the U.S.

The new chili-infused noodles come in a 3.17 ounce packet, and just like other instant noodles of its kind, they're quick and easy to make. All you have to do is boil them for five minutes, drain, and mix in the seasoning packet. You can then pile on any toppings you like to dress them up just as you would your favorite bowl of ramen. However, the point of the fiery infusion, according to Stanton, is that you shouldn't need to add any spicy ingredients. As she told Food Navigator USA, the chili flake infusion "delivers that heat in a very balanced way in every single bite."

If the Nissin brand sounds familiar, it's probably because you've tried one of its well-known products before. The company also makes Cup Noodles, Top Ramen, and similar products like Top Ramen Bowls. While these new packets are the first of their kind from GEKI, the brand is no stranger to spicy products; it also sells a Hot & Spicy line of Korean-flavored noodles. But considering its latest offerings are the first chili-infused noodles to be offered in the U.S., spicy food lovers may want to give these innovative products a try.