Never Suffer Through A Soggy Tomato Sandwich With One Simple Step

No sandwich takes advantage of fresh and ripe summer produce quite like the beloved tomato sandwich. Juicy slices of beefsteak tomatoes pair perfectly with salt, pepper, and bread that's been slathered in mayonnaise. But that mayonnaise, as well as those tomatoes, comes with plenty of moisture. As a result, these types of sandwiches tend to get more than a little soggy. This trend, however, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice either ingredient. Instead, all you have to do is toast your bread.

If toasting your dough seems like an overly simple fix for your mushy woes, that's because it is. Sure, the traditional Southern tomato sandwich swears by untoasted, plain bread. But by not toasting it, you run the risk of it becoming soft. Not only does this lead to an undesirable texture, but it also means your lunch will be all the harder to eat. So to keep your sandwich firm, simply pop your slices of bread in the toaster to create a more durable base. 

How to construct the ultimate toasted tomato sandwich

Tomato sandwich traditionalists can take solace in this — toasting your bread doesn't take away from the overall flavor. Simply put the loaves in your toaster for a few minutes until they're golden brown, take them out, and then go about making your meal as usual. However, while toasting counteracts tomato sandwich norms, you may want to adhere to tradition in choosing your bread. So go ahead and pick up a loaf of thick, white sandwich bread. After all, you can't beat the classics.

Once your dough is toasted, you can get to the good part. While the amount of mayonnaise also depends on your preferences, about a teaspoon should do the trick. Then layer on two to three thick slices of ripe tomatoes that shouldn't be too firm or too squishy. Lastly, we recommend adding a touch of sea salt and ground black pepper to enhance the sweet and acidic flavors. Now you're ready to enjoy your favorite refreshing sandwich with just a bit of a satisfying crunch and none of the sogginess.