Bowls Are A Budget-Friendly And Versatile Alternative For Sushi Lovers

Craving some joy with soy but don't have the energy to locate the bamboo mats to prepare homemade sushi? The ultimate alternative is a deliciously inexpensive sushi bowl made with seasoned rice, veggies, and protein. The perfect quick lunch or no-fuss dinner for sushi lovers, a hearty bowlful of sushi fixings takes minutes to assemble from the recesses of the refrigerator and is far cheaper than eating out. So, return that takeout menu from whence it came and make a sushi bowl to quickly quell your craving without putting yourself out of pocket.

A sushi bowl features the same yummy ingredients found in sushi rolls and wraps, but instead of being tightly packed in nori sheets and served in bite-sized morsels alongside a dipping sauce, the fixings are served piled high in a dish. This makes them super easy to put together because you don't need any sushi-making skills or tools to get started. Beyond basic slicing, approximately zero culinary talent is required, though some effort put into a pretty presentation is always appreciated, even if you're preparing it for yourself. 

Simply gather and prep your ingredients, place them on a bowl of leftover seasoned rice, and top with anything from Japanese mayo, pickles, and soy to furikake, scallions, sesame seeds, and wasabi. Prop a couple of mini nori sheets in the bowl, and you have an appetizingly charming meal with a touch of salty crunch to devour at your leisure that doesn't require turning on the stove or pre-heating the oven.

Sushi bowls let you get super creative with toppings

The true beauty of a sushi bowl lies in how creative you can get with your fixings. It's easy to build a fancy customized bowl with all your favorite sushi elements or assemble a simpler pared-down version that uses the leftover fresh produce in your crisper drawer. This creative leeway is what makes sushi bowls so budget-friendly because you can top them with any lackluster bits and bobs that need to be used up fast, such as half a limp carrot, a forgotten chunk of bell pepper, a wedge of red cabbage, or a handful of snow peas.

Along with a low-cost base of seasoned rice, the protein that goes on top can range from fresh salmon, mackerel, and grilled shrimp to cheap canned tuna, an economical crispy fried egg, or marinated tofu. Pair this protein with avocado, cucumber, shredded carrots, sliced white daikon, or pickled radishes, and you've prepared a beautifully versatile budget bowl for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Better yet, set everything out on the table and allow your diners to assemble their own sushi bowls in the same way they'd build their own tacos to lend some interactive fun to meal times.