Spice Up Your Next Martini With A Dash Of Hot Sauce

Gin or vodka. With a twist or olive. And of course, shaken or stirred. Those might be the martini modifications you're familiar with, but what about enjoying the classic drink with a splash of hot sauce? Spicy margaritas have enjoyed their time to shine on many drink menus as of late, but they're not the only libation that benefits from a dash of spice. If you're that person always asking for a bottle of hot sauce or generally unafraid of spicier flavors, next time you order a classic martini, ask for it with a dash or two of hot sauce.

If you're looking to elevate the time-honored yet simple recipe of vermouth, gin or vodka, and either citrus or olives, depending on how you take it, go for heat. A bit of hot sauce adds complexity and kick while still letting the clean, unfussy flavor shine through — just with the temp turned up.

Make the perfect spicy martini

To add unexpected heat to the classic martini, pick your poison (your hot sauce.) Many recipes call for a few jolts of classic Tabasco sauce but other sauce picks like Frank's Truff, Tapatio, or a homemade hot sauce all work here. If you're experimenting at home, choose your own adventure and test out jalapeño, habanero, or cayenne-based sauces for varying heat levels and flavors. Mix your drink as you typically would, combining gin or vodka plus vermouth, and shaking over ice, then straining into your martini glass. 

Either add your hot sauce drop by drop after your martini is made or combine it with all ingredients and shake well. If you're looking for a finishing touch, add olive juice and olives for the perfect hot and salty treat. This isn't a cocktail for the meek, but if you're ready for a drink that will wake up your tastebuds, the secret's in the sauce.