For Argentinian Hot Chocolate, The Star Ingredient Is Served On The Side

When you think of Argentina, your first thought is probably of Lionel Messi and soccer, but once you move past the beautiful game, you will be drawn to the incredible food and drink that is synonymous with this country. Yerba mate, which is an herbal tea, is one of the most popular beverages you will find Argentinians sipping on, but their version of hot chocolate is not far behind.

Argentinian hot chocolate is truly an experience for your taste buds and you can enjoy it whether it's cold outside or your office feels like a meat locker. Known by the name el submarino, which translates to the submarine, it is made using hot milk and chocolate bars that are submerged into a white abyss until they melt and turn chocolatey brown. This drink is interactive in that the chocolate is generally served on the side, so the imbiber can sink the pieces of chocolate and control just how chocolatey it becomes.

Use Aguila for authenticity

Once the chocolate is sunk into the milk, it is stirred briskly with a spoon until it is foamy. In Argentina, the traditional brand of chocolate used to make this drink isĀ Aguila. These candy bars with the company's iconic eagle logo emblazoned on their wrappers have been around for over 100 years. Born in Buenos Aires, this sweet element was first crafted by a man from France. The rich, dark chocolate can be used for both a cup of hot chocolate and in your baked goods.

When making this drink, be sure you do not boil your milk or the chocolate could seize up, causing lumpy, bumpy melted chocolate. If you can't find Aguila chocolate at your local or specialty grocery store, consider using your favorite dark chocolate candy bar. Chances are if you are a fan of the chocolate, you will love it even more so in your drink. Argentinian chocolate is perfect as is, but you may find it to have less of the sugary sweet flavor you may be accustomed to. Many Americanized recipes suggest adding sugar and even a little vanilla extract to enhance the overall flavor.