This Simple Method Turns Your Pancake Batter Into Breakfast Spaghetti

Pancakes are one of the most classic breakfast foods out there — and for good reason. Besides being delicious, they're also extremely simple to make, whether you're cooking them from scratch or using a box of pancake mix. Plus, they leave plenty of room for creativity — you can add in your favorite fruit, mix in some chocolate chips, or come up with an entirely new concoction ... such as breakfast spaghetti.

A viral video on TikTok showcased "pancake spaghetti," a stringy, crispy way to cook up your batter. To make pancake spaghetti, you'll likely need a squeeze bottle for pancake batter in order to get the shapes just right. Using your squeeze bottle, all you have to do is squeeze out thin strips — about the size of linguine or spaghetti — of batter onto the pan. The pancake strips will cook quite quickly, leaving you with ready-to-eat pancake spaghetti. Which begs the question: How exactly does one then eat pancake spaghetti?

You can customize your pancake spaghetti

The best way to eat pancake spaghetti is in a bowl, of course, filled to the top. From there, the video suggests sprinkling some powdered sugar over the top, or you could opt for the classic pancake topping, maple syrup — or both! You can't go wrong either way, but those aren't the only options for topping.

If you're the type of person who likes fruit in their pancakes, then you can definitely still achieve that fruity pancake vibe with the pancake spaghetti. All you have to do is chop up the fruit of your choosing — blueberries, strawberries, or bananas all make great options — and mix it into your pancake spaghetti bowl, likely mixed in with some maple syrup. The same works for chocolate chips, if you're looking for a sweeter breakfast option.


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But, if you're feeling more of a savory breakfast, you can skip the sugar and syrup and turn your attention to the more savory breakfast options. To make the pancake spaghetti a bit more savory, you can dice up some bacon or sausage (or both) and mix it into the "spaghetti" to make a more hearty breakfast-in-a-bowl. With there being a huge variety of both bacon types and sausage types (including vegetarian versions), there are just about a million ways to customize this dish exactly to your liking.

And if you're feeling fancy, you can opt to make a fruit-flavored syrup, such as strawberry balsamic syrup, which is guaranteed to upgrade your pancake spaghetti in the best way.