You've Likely Been Eating Burgers Wrong All Along

From the artisanal creations served up at high-end restaurants to the deliciously greasy patties they grill at your favorite fast food joint, hamburgers are one of the most iconic meals around. They are also incredibly popular; in fact, it's estimated that every year, people in the United States chomp down on around 14 billion burgers. For many of us, it's hard to imagine this familiar delicacy has many secrets, especially when it comes to how they should be eaten. However, the next time you order a burger, you may find it's better if you eat it upside down.

This technique may seem extreme, but it has some very compelling benefits. Speaking to Insider, food blogger Simon Dukes explains that eating a burger upside down will increase the enjoyment of your meal since "The crown (the top of the bun) is generally thicker (and therefore stronger) than the heel," so when the crown is at the bottom, "there is less likelihood of it falling apart in your hands." Along with the extra structural support, the crown can also prevent sauces from dripping everywhere. Typically, when a burger is presented to you, the bottom bun has already started to become soggy. By flipping it, the top bun turns into a fresh sponge to soak up all the condiments and juices, preventing them from running down your wrists.

Eating a burger upside down can be very beneficial

Whether your burger of choice is made of beef, turkey, or vegan black beans, turning it upside down will reduce the mess, and may potentially even improve the taste. Since burger toppings are usually stacked on top of the patty, their flavor can sometimes be overwhelmed by that of the meat. Biting into the whole thing upside down can counteract this issue since the condiments and accouterments will be in direct contact with your taste buds. It's a small change, but it may be worth it to die-hard burger fans.

Those worried about the logistics of inverting their burger need not fret, as it's simple to scoop and flip a burger off a plate in one fluid motion. The mechanics of picking up a burger with your thumbs towards the ceiling is also much more ergonomic than the traditional way of sliding your thumbs under the buns. Taking the pressure off your wrist is just a bit more incentive to give the technique a try.

Eating your burger the "correct" way, right-side up, is far from the worst mistake you can make with this meal. But it may limit the possibilities of what the burger's buns can do. To save yourself a saucy mess and revolutionize your food's taste, consider flipping your burger upside down as you prepare to eat it. It might just flip your world upside down as well!