French Fry Boards Are The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing, Shareable Snack

Imagine the pleasing aesthetics of a perfectly curated charcuterie board combined with the satisfying bites of your favorite side dish, and you have the beginnings of a plated presentation that is guaranteed to be the talk of your next dinner event. Move over, cheese boards, there's a new party pleaser in town: Boards covered in French fries.

French fry boards deliver the mouth-watering deliciousness of an assortment of fries nestled next to all the condiments you could possibly crave. From sweet potato fries to pumpkin fries, hand-cut potato slices to tater tots, your culinary creativity can run wild as you assemble this bacchanal board of fried, crunchy, and salty perfection. Combined with an array of sauces, dips, and sprinkles of herbs, flaky salt, and freshly ground black pepper, French fry boards will quickly become the star of your home dinner parties and happy hour gatherings. After setting out this beast of an offering for your guests, you can sit back and watch as both Instagram feeds and hungry mouths are filled.

Turn up the creativity

When assembling your French fry board, consider the placement of items you place onto your cutting board or tray. Start by setting down dishes filled with various condiments — spicy mustard, hot sauce, ranch dressing, homemade ketchup, honey mustard, garlic aioli, curry mayo — then fill the surrounding spaces with a variety of fries. Lay waffle-cut fries alongside curly slices and let guests pick and choose their favorites. 

Not only are French fry boards fun to put together, they are fun to serve, and the presentation can become both a centerpiece dish and conversation starter for your next dinner party. To keep the platter visually appealing, look to break up colors and textures with different ingredients and sauces. Alternating potato fries with fries made from avocados or green beans can help create visual interest while temping palates with bites of salty, cooked perfection. Reserve a stash of ingredients in your kitchen for easy replenishment — French fry boards are easy to tuck into and are known to disappear quickly.