Create Spooky Deviled Eggs Using The Canned Olives In Your Pantry

You can find some pretty impressive Halloween spreads online, but you don't necessarily need meticulously shaped cookies and elaborately iced pastries to wow your guests. Want to offer healthier and more nutritious options at this year's Halloween party? The answer might be sitting around in your pantry already: Canned olives are the key to adding a healthy and spooky touch to just about any savory snack. Save the licorice and chocolate for later, and try serving up some spooky deviled eggs with olive spiders for a surefire hit with kids and adults.

The only caveat is that you'll need black olives to really pull off the spidery look, but a quick trip to the grocery store is all you'll need to get everything ready. Whip up your favorite deviled egg recipe and add the spider by sticking a whole black olive sideways in the yolk, then arranging halved and sliced olives along the sides for little legs. If you really want to add that extra homemade touch, try buying fresh unpitted olives and pitting them yourself at home.

Olives are great for savory Halloween snacks

Of course, you don't have to stick to deviled eggs when adding olive spiders for effect — just about any food with a fluffy but stable top to stick olives into will hold as many of the tasty little arachnids as you want. However, if the amount of ornamental spiders you'd like in your food is zero — whether that's to accommodate anyone with arachnophobia or other reasons — you can still use olives as the perfect hack for healthier spooky snacks.

Green olives sliced into rings serve as the perfect irises for eyeball-themed finger food, especially when paired with bits of black olives as the pupils. Pair them with any circular and off-white food like cheese balls or puff pastries for a spooky effect. You can even make some upside-down deviled eggs, cutting out a hole for the olives and using the smooth white as sclera for a very cool visual effect.