The Fancy Butter Ina Garten Adds To Elevate Store-Bought Popcorn

Popcorn is your pantry ace-in-the-hole when you get snacky. Those convenient dried kernels are just waiting to provide a warm and salty bit of comfort on demand, and if you stock microwave popcorn, you can pick from a multitude of flavors. None other than Ina Garten prefers butter-flavor microwave popcorn, and she's got the ultimate upgrade. Per Kitchn, she told Frank Bruni of the New York Times that she likes to season her bowl with earthy, luxurious white truffle butter from Urbani (we already knew she loves truffled mashed potatoes).

If you are not already familiar with truffles, they're an underground member of the mushroom family with a distinctly delicious aroma. Truffles have a short harvest window and an entire truffle can cost a fortune, which makes truffle butter one of the most convenient ways to indulge in their famous flavor. You may have to search a bit to find good truffle butter, so be sure to buy an extra package to keep well-wrapped in the freezer — you'll never want popcorn without it once you've tasted it.

Cozy but also luxurious

The umami flavor of truffle is most noticeable when heated slightly, making truffle butter an ideal partner for a warm bowl of popcorn. Heat 2 ounces of Urbani truffle butter gently in a small pot on the stove while the popcorn cooks so you can drizzle it on generously. According to her Food Network recipe, Garten likes to pop Newman's Own Movie Theater brand — but it's important to follow the instructions on your favorite brand, as the bag size can vary. Be sure to stay near the microwave to prevent burning the corn; we recommend the 2-second rule for knowing when your popcorn is finished. Toss the finished popcorn with your fragrant truffle butter and salt lightly.

Serve truffled popcorn for a cozy movie night at home or as an elegant appetizer. This twist on the classic snack also pairs well with champagne or a crisp Chardonnay. If you are feeling more adventurous, try adding a drizzle of honey to the truffle-buttered popcorn for a sweet and savory version. Buttery popcorn with extra truffle butter is the best snack you didn't know you needed. Thanks, Ina!