Use Up End-Of-Summer Raspberries In A Boozy Iced Tea

Raspberries are a summertime staple that hit their peak season in the United States from late June through September. There are, of course, plenty of ways to enjoy the tart and sweet berries bursting with juice, from mixing them into yogurt parfaits and fruit salads to baking them into decadent cheesecakes. But if you're seeking an easy and perhaps unexpected way to make the most of the season's last raspberries, you can simply incorporate them into a boozy beverage.

For a refreshingly tart tipple that's sure to please a crowd, whip up a batch of raspberry iced tea, spiked, specifically, with rum. Consider it some sippable R&R (that is, raspberries and rum) meant to be slowly savored, much like the languid days of late summer. Flavor-wise, the mild and earthy taste of the tea meets the sharp sweetness of the rum and the raspberries' slightly sour bite, resulting in a robust and well-rounded concoction.

How to make a rum and raspberry iced tea

To create this cool and refreshing cocktail, start with your favorite iced tea recipe and your choice of light or dark rum — or both, if you'd like to combine the brightness of white rum with the savory depth of the dark. In any case, you should have one cup of rum for every three cups of iced tea (although you can tweak those measurements to your preference if you'd prefer a stronger or milder sip).

You have some options when it comes to incorporating the raspberries. For a lighter and fresher taste that adds some texture from the seeds, muddle about a half cup of the fruit with some sugar to add to your drink. Want a sweeter, smoother addition? Create a syrup by simmering the raspberries on your stovetop with a cup of sugar and a cup of water until the sugar dissolves and the liquid is reduced, leaving behind a rich, thick syrup.

Once you've prepared your berries, add them to your mixture along with a half cup of lemon juice. Combine with ice, stir well, and, if you'd like, garnish with some fresh mint leaves to really amp up the brightness. Serve to guests at your late-summer barbecue or enjoy on your own as a delicious send-off to raspberry season.