How Slotted And Solid Spatulas Are Used Differently

There is no shortage of handy kitchen tools and utensils, though the purpose of some of these implements is more clear than others. For example, the classic spatula is often used to flip food, but some models have slots or other designs that make them more suited for specific purposes. When choosing between a slotted and a solid spatula, it all comes down to what kind of food you will be flipping.

Slotted spatulas are best for when you want to leave some liquid behind from whatever you're turning, like a burger patty or a fried egg. Just as a slotted spoon can help you sift solids out of a pot roast or stew, a slotted spatula is great for separating your food from the oil or juices it's cooking in. On the other hand, a solid spatula should be used when you want to prevent the food you're picking up from falling apart. Think of something like a pancake with runny batter that is at risk of spilling through the gaps in a slotted spatula.

Other factors that make a spatula unique

One of the most important aspects to consider when picking up any new tool to add to your cooking arsenal is its material. For flipper spatulas, the most common materials are metal, plastic, and silicone. Due to their added thickness, wooden spatulas aren't typically ideal for flipping but are better suited to tasks like stirring. Because of their high heat tolerance, metal spatulas are among the best for high-temperature jobs like grilling. Plastic spatulas can get the job done but come with the downside of melting more easily than other varieties. If you're looking for a versatile spatula that will stand the test of time, silicone is probably the way to go.

Whichever type of spatula you choose, be sure to read the care instructions so that you know how to properly clean, maintain, and increase its longevity. Throughout your cooking journey, it's likely that you'll pick up quite a few spatulas that will all serve different purposes. You may even discover different ways to use your tools. At the very least, you should have a solid spatula for the foods that are meant to stick together and a slotted spatula for the foods that require drainage.