The Restaurant Tip To Follow When You're Dining In A Hurry

In an ideal world, we'd have nothing but time when dining at our favorite restaurant — to luxuriously savor our meal, to order apps and dessert, to order after-dinner coffee even. Generally, to live la dolce vida. But in the real world, duty calls, and we've all been in the situation of needing to get in and out of a restaurant on a time crunch. For the next time you find yourself having to dine and dash, without feeling like you're being that person who's dining and dashing, try out this restaurant tip. After all, even and maybe especially when you're rushed, dining etiquette goes a long way.

If you've got a flight to catch, a school pickup to make, or just a tight lunch break, the easiest way to avoid a dining faux pas and to stick to schedule is to order your check while you're ordering your food. Especially if a restaurant is busy or short-staffed, you might find yourself waiting to flag down a waiter. Get ahead of that potential struggle by requesting your check while you put in your order, instead of waiting until you're through eating, as normal. 

Other tips for a quick dining experience

Of course, there's always fast food — perhaps the most obvious choice for when you need a bite and have zero time. But if you find yourself wanting to order from a sit-down restaurant, this tip makes it totally possible to duck in and out while getting a quality meal. It's all about properly communicating to your waiter as soon as they take your order, to avoid any potential awkwardness or long waits. Pre-ordering your check and providing a simple explanation for why is always the most courteous route and ensures they'll do all they can to help you get in and out.

Other tips that can help you keep to schedule include choosing a seat at the bar if possible, or in a more visible area so you can easily catch your water's attention. You may also want to check out the menu before being seated if possible, and stick to ordering simpler dishes that aren't going to take as long to prepare (if you aren't sure, ask your waiter). And it should go without saying, always tip your waiter well, regardless of how little time you spend in the restaurant. Armed with this restaurant tip for proper etiquette when rushed, you'll be fed and on your way in a jiffy.