Whipped Lemonade Is The Fancy And Fluffy Upgrade You Need To Try

If you enjoy making yourself cups of Dalgona coffee, you may also appreciate the zesty experience of whipped lemonade. Fortunately, this foamy recipe that went viral on TikTok in 2021 requires a lot less effort to make, and with only a few ingredients, you'll be on your way to sipping a luxuriously smooth treat that can be served mid-afternoon or as a post-meal refreshment.

Although there are many versions of this drink with different ingredients, whipped lemonade typically features ice, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, and fresh lemonade, which are blended until smooth. The recipe can be upgraded with frozen lemonade, vanilla ice cream, or almond milk for smoother, richer flavors, and can be further boosted with layers of extra whipped cream throughout. Serve your finished creation in a flute glass and garnish with mint leaves and slices of lemon or lime, and your backyard picnics may never be the same. 

An easy recipe that can be quickly customized

Once you've mastered the process of making whipped lemonade at home, experiment with using coconut milk and sweeteners like simple syrup or honey to customize the recipe to your liking. For a boozier version, gin can be included, and the final blended beverage can be served in coupe glasses for a mature lemonade drink that will quickly become a guest favorite. 

Top servings with the zest of lemon or lime or sprinkle shavings of white chocolate or desiccated coconut over each glass just prior to presenting your friends with drinks worthy of their own viral moments. For additional flavor variations, add strawberries, mango, watermelon, peach, or lavender to your blender, and watch as your carefully prepared servings of whipped lemonade make their way onto your guests' Instagram feeds. Keep extra ingredients on hand, as there is a good chance you'll find yourself making additional batches to refill glasses long before the evening ends.