Chipotle IQ Trivia Is Back And $500 Gift Cards Are Up For Grabs

One of the best times of the year is back for burrito bowl fans, as you have a chance to win free food and more with the return of Chipotle IQ trivia. Launched originally in 2020, the trivia game tests fans' knowledge of the fast-casual restaurant with questions about its ingredients, product sourcing, recipes, and more. The main prize in the past has been a chance to win a coupon for "buy one get one" or BOGO offers on Chipotle entrées. This year there is once again a bonus opportunity for 50 players to win a $500 gift card that's made from stainless steel. 

The BOGO offers are limited to 250,000 winners over the run of the game, with 100,000 being available the first day, and 50,000 offers available over the next three. Starting August 21 and running daily through August 24, customers can play the game by visiting Players can win the BOGO entrée offer by getting 10 out of 10 questions correct, although the quiz may be harder this year than in the past. 

"We've introduced a new set of Chipotle trivia questions that put even our biggest superfans to the test," said Chipotle Vice President of Brand Marketing, Stephanie Perdue in a press release. If you get all 10 questions right you'll also unlock a bonus extra credit question and people who answer it correctly will be entered in the sweepstakes for the $500 gift card.

Tips to keep mind in mind for Chipotle's IQ trivia

The company is directing players to check out Jordan Howlett's TikTok for help with the quiz. Howlett is a former Chipotle employee turned content creator and the company calls him "the perfect Chipotle IQ tutor." While the allure of free food from answering some questions about Chipotle is undeniable, you'll also want to act fast. When the contest first went live in 2020, the chain gave away 250,000 BOGO offers in less than four hours

The questions vary in format from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank and true or false. However, Chipotle is also pretty forgiving on the difficulty and anyone taking the quiz has an unlimited amount of chances to keep playing and land a perfect score. If you do score one of those BOGO entrée coupons or even the $500 gift card, you'll want to spend it wisely. You could use that gift to experiment with one of its secret menu items or check out the fajita quesadilla that got launched from viral fame onto the restaurant's permanent menu earlier this year. Either way, a free meal is always a nice treat.