Michel Roux Jr. Announces Closure Of Famous Le Gavroche Restaurant

Michel Roux Jr., the mastermind behind the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Le Gavroche, has made the surprising decision to close the establishment after a successful 56 years in service. Situated in Mayfair, the restaurant has been a beacon of London's culinary scene and is regarded as a go-to spot for quality French Haute cuisine. Due to the desire for a better work-life balance and time for family, Roux is hoping to cut his workload, going from operating just one rather than two of London's most renowned restaurants. In his announcement of the closure Roux noted, "This decision has not been made lightly. Le Gavroche means so much, not just to myself and the Roux family, but to the wider Gavroche team and you, our guests, who have become our family over so many years."

Founded in 1967 in Sloane Square by pioneering chefs Albert Roux and Michel Roux Sr., Le Gavroche brought French haute cuisine to London. Over time, this trendsetting restaurant has garnered numerous accolades. It was the first UK restaurant to earn a Michelin star in 1974. By 1977, it added a second star, and in 1982, after relocating to Mayfair, it became the first in Britain to, for a time, hold onto three stars.

The closing of Le Gavroche initially raised concerns for its staff members, who, as reported by The Caterer, will undergo redundancy consultations over the next few weeks. However, Le Gavroche has assured employees that those who don't qualify for assistance will receive its support. 

The end of an era for Le Gavroche, but the Roux legacy continues

"I could not be more grateful for the Le Gavroche team, the caretakers of the restaurant. Le Gavroche has always been a family restaurant, and for decades, they have loved and respected the restaurant as if it were their own," Roux said in his statement. Le Gavroche's farewell is not a defeat, as the restaurant remains fully booked. Roux will host a series of celebratory dinners from November until the restaurant's closing at the beginning of next year, featuring family members and celebrity chefs like Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay, and Marcus Wareing, who earned his culinary wings at Le Gavroche.

Though the doors of Le Gavroche are closing, Roux emphasized the brand's spirit will endure, "The name will live on, as will the Roux dynasty. There will be Le Gavroche pop-ups and events in the future, both at home and abroad." Roux, according to his statement, plans to remain active in the culinary scene by continuing to operate his hospitality establishment Chez Roux, authoring more books, teaching cookery classes, and starring in TV food shows.

Roux's heartfelt message to the guests and fans of Le Gavroche resonates with gratitude and fond memories. The restaurant's website has even created a dedication page for patrons to share their cherished moments and stories from the restaurant.