The Key Herbs Wolfgang Puck Uses For Roasted Fish

Wolfgang Puck made pizza glamorous back in the 1980s when this pie was considered anything but; however, pizza is not all this renowned Beverly Hills restaurateur can cook up. Puck is known for his innovative approach to serving some of our favorite foods. From his tomahawk steaks that he sears to perfection at Cut to his traditional Wiener Schnitzel and classic chicken pot pie, he knows just the right ingredients to use to make everything taste fantastic, including roast fish.

Working with fish can present many challenges that begin with transforming that fishy taste into something delectable. Luckily, when the maestro of California cuisine makes fish for dinner, he knows just the right herbs and seasonings to use to make every bite delicious. The professional chef turns to a few key herbs to complement the natural flavor of his seafood. Per Masterclass, Puck employs a quintet of herbs that includes parsley, rosemary, thyme, chives, and tarragon to add a depth of taste when he is roasting some of our favorite sea creatures, but it is how he incorporates them into this dish that has us talking.

Balance of flavor

Puck starts with the basics by sprinkling some salt and pepper on his fish. But when it comes to his choice of herbs, he uses them to create a crust where bread crumbs are the foundation. He places the parsley, rosemary, thyme, chives, and tarragon into a food processor along with the bread crumbs and pulses the mixture until it looks like green sand. He dredges the side of the fish where the meat is exposed to form the crust and places it on a baking sheet. Make certain that you are putting its skin side down so the crust cooks properly and doesn't turn mushy and fall apart.

Tarragon is often used in French cooking, so it is easy to understand why Puck is partial to this herb which imparts a delicate, sweet anise taste that pairs perfectly with rosemary's piney elements, along with thyme's citrusy and minty qualities, chives' garlicky nature and parsley's peppery notes.  What you will love about this herb crust is how it helps to balance the overall flavor of the fish without overpowering it. Puck uses this herby breadcrumb mix on both salmon,  which is known for its rich and creamy flavor, as well as on mild-tasting fish like European sea bass.