20 Best Pasta Dishes In Los Angeles

From spaghetti to rigatoni, pasta is among the most universally-loved culinary foundations in existence. This Italian staple can be topped with everything from marinara sauce to a zesty pesto, and since Los Angeles is home to some incredible Italian restaurants, the options are seemingly endless. 

If you're looking for the best of the best in the City of Angels, there are few key things to keep in mind. Fresh, hand-made noodles are a must, and thankfully, every quality Italian joint in LA knows this.

Although classic spaghetti and meatballs never gets old, innovative sauces and toppings yield one-of-a-kind flavor combinations that you can't find anywhere else. If you're in the mood for something luxurious and rich, a truffle-topped linguini or a lobster tagliatelle is the way to go. Of course, a fontina-filled agnolotti or an asparagus ravioli hits the spot — and tickles the imagination — as well. No matter what you're craving, here's where to find the 20 best pasta dishes in LA.

Casunziei (at Colapasta)

Colapasta is a locally-treasured restaurant in Santa Monica. This cozy, homey spot is headed by Michelin-starred chef Stefano de Lorenzo, and is the perfect spot for a romantic yet laid-back date night on the Westside. 

The restaurant's Casunziei is a beautiful ravioli, shaped like a half-moon and filled with beets, giving it a stunning, maroon color through the translucent noodle. The highlight of the dish, however, comes when the bubbling brown butter is poured on top of the soft ravioli. Poppy seeds also provide a nice crunch for contrast.

Though you can always order takeout, the Casunziei is best enjoyed fresh and in person. The Moringa Agnolotti is another great pasta option at Colapasta, delightfully cheesy and truffle-forward.

Spicy Rigatoni (at Ospi)

Looking to enjoy a tasty Italian meal in the heart of Venice? Ospi is one of the most popular dinner spots in the area, serving everything from hand-made pastas to a beloved chicken parmesan. But the spicy rigatoni is the staple that shouldn't be missed, especially for first-time diners. 

Ospi's spicy rigatoni alla vodka is a hearty portion that boasts a beautiful red color, al dente noodles, and a cheesy crumble on top. Enjoy it as your entree or share it with the table and order a variety of other bites. 

The spicy Caesar salad is a great precursor to the main pasta event. The cavatelli with truffle and pork sausage is another local favorite. Finally, don't forget to end with cannolis.

Spicy Pomodoro (at Cento Pasta Bar)

Cento Pasta Bar serves up the best pasta in West Adams. The open kitchen is surrounded by a modern bar top, where guests are able to gather and watch while the chefs cook over the wood-fired grill and plate to perfection. 

Though all the pastas are delicious, the spicy Pomodoro is a true highlight. The hand-made rigatoni noodles are tossed in a rich Calabrian chile and truffle sauce before being topped with a fluffy dollop of ricotta. A bright green drizzle of basil oil is then placed in the center of the ricotta, resulting in a beautiful dish that looks as great as it tastes. 

When it comes to the larger plate options, their herbaceous grilled Orata is a beautifully flavored, perfectly flakey option as well.

Mandilli (at Jemma Di Mare)

Jemma Di Mare, owned by the same group as Ospi, is a Brentwood newcomer that celebrates all things culinary. Though the menu places a focus on seafood, you'll find several of Ospi's classic, beloved pastas on the menu. But the Mandilli at Jemma Di Mar is truly special. This sheet pasta has a decadent, silky texture unlike any other pasta, and the almond pesto gives the dish a rich green color and vibrant taste.

Though this is undoubtedly the best pasta dish on the menu, the lobster fettuccine is another favorite that pays homage to Jemma Di Mare's seafood-centric menu. Finally, the tableside ice cream sundae is a non-negotiable order. Have your sundae topped with everything from pistachio sauce to fresh whipped cream, then let your tastebuds take flight.

Périgord Black Winter Truffle Pasta (at The Restaurant at Hotel Bel Air)

The Restaurant at Hotel Bel Air is an ethereal oasis, tucked in a private corner of Bel Air. In addition to hotel guests, you'll always find loyal regulars enjoying a romantic evening or business dinner. Though it might seem outrageous to spend nearly $100 on pasta, the truffle pasta is well worth the splurge. 

The restaurant does not skimp on the truffles with this dish, and they soar when tossed in 36-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano. If you're looking to order a few different dishes, the truffle pasta can easily be split between two people.

The lobster and saffron cacio e pepe is another wonderful pasta, and no meal at a Dorchester property would be complete without some fresh oysters to start. End your meal with a chocolate soufflé and a heavy glass of red wine.

Linguine al Limone (at Felix Venice)

Felix by Chef Evan Funke is a Westside staple known for its iconic pizza and pasta dishes. As the name suggests, the linguine al limone is a zesty, lemony delight that has become a favorite for loyal regulars. The acidity from the lemon leaves is tangy and fresh, while the Pecorino Romano packs a nice punch. The beautiful dish is garnished with a lemon leaf, and while you might be tempted to order one all for yourself, you'll also want to save some room for the pizzas.

The Bianca pizza is a nice complement to the linguine al limone and is topped with porcini mushrooms, cipollini onion, and sausage. If you're in need of more protein, order the prime ribeye cap or the whole grilled sea bass.

Ricotta and Egg Raviolo (at Osteria Mozza)

Osteria Mozza is a famed restaurant from legendary chef Nancy Silverton. Although neighbor Pizzeria Mozza is ideal for a pizza, Osteria Mozza is where you'll want to go for all things pasta. 

First off, their mozzarella bar is a can't-miss, and there's no better appetizer than a giant ball of creamy cheese. There are also plenty of tasty appetizers, like the big eye tuna tartare and grilled octopus.

The star of the show, however, is the ricotta and egg raviolo. Though it is technically a single piece of pasta, the huge raviolo is stuffed to the brim with a creamy blend of ricotta and egg. The browned butter poured on top adds a slight bit of sweetness. Though many pasta dishes are great for sharing, this is not one of them; you'll definitely want to have it to yourself.

Puttanesca (from Mother Wolf)

Another locally-loved restaurant by Chef Evan Funke, Mother Wolf is his ode to classic Roman cuisine and one of, if not the, best places to get a bowl of pasta in Hollywood. That said, getting in can be pretty difficult, and you'll definitely want to make a reservation beforehand. 

There are tons of amazing pastas to choose from here, but the puttanesca is truly special. If you're craving a taste of your Nonna's cooking, this puttanesca is sure to provide that delicate sense of nostalgia.

The tomato sauce is thick and rich, and the fresh tomatoes add additional vibrance and flavor. The green and black olives, however, are what gives this dish that extra oomph. For the ultimate pairing, enjoy it alongside a glass of Lambrusco.

Tagliolini Limone (at Angelini Osteria)

Angelini Osteria has been one of the best Italian restaurants in LA since it opened in 2001. This classic, consistent eatery won the hearts of locals immediately and it's easy to see why. 

Its tagliolini limone is a signature dish that tastes like summer in every bite, though it can easily be enjoyed year-round. The house-made pasta is unbeatable, and the unforgettable sauce is made with lemon, cream, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Though this dish is best enjoyed fresh, you can also buy a jar of the sauce to take home so you can create your own rendition whenever the craving strikes. In addition to the original location on Beverly Boulevard, Angelini Osteria has opened in Pacific Palisades, making it easier for Westsiders to get their fix.

Spaghetti Nerano (at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele)

Known for being one of the most iconic pizzerias in the world, the original location of L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele is in Naples, but now has outposts in Hollywood, Santa Barbara, and New York. The Hollywood location has a romantic patio ideal for enjoying pizza under the stars, but the pastas also manage to shine.

The Spaghetti Nerano is a simple yet fool-proof combination of spaghetti, zucchini, Parmesan, Pecorino, and basil. The homemade pasta is always made fresh just like the pizzas, and the quality shows. Sip on a glass of Pinot Noir while savoring the Spaghetti Nerano alongside a simple yet timeless Margherita pizza. If you're able to save room for dessert, indulge in the bread pudding or lemon tart.

Chitarra Cacio e Pepe (at Forma)

With two locations on the Westside, Forma has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike looking to cure their craving for Italian cuisine by the beach. Though the Santa Monica location is the original, the Venice location is just as popular, and both serve up some amazing food. 

Forma's Chitarra cacio e pepe is sharp and indulgent, and the fresh black pepper gives it a balanced kick. The homemade spaghetti noodles are cooked al dente, and once cooked, they are tossed in a generous blend of Pecorino Romano cheese.

Though this cacio e pepe costs $26 on the regular menu, you can enjoy it at a discounted price of $14 during Happy Hour. Simply pop into the Santa Monica location any day from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and grab a spot at the bar.

Cavatelli alla Norcina (at Bestia)

Considered among the best Italian restaurants in the city, the quality and consistency of Bestia is unmatched, and the diverse menu features a few key favorites that everyone should try at least once. 

One of these dishes is undoubtedly the cavatelli alla norcina. The delicate ricotta dumplings are served alongside some savory pork sausage and grana padano before being topped with freshly-shaved black truffles. Though $49 might seem somewhat pricey for pasta, the hearty shavings of truffle make the price well-worth the splurge.

Whether you're sharing the cavatelli or enjoying it as a main course, try your best to save room for the slow roasted lamb neck. Finally, be sure to order the olive oil cake as your final course.

Pistachio Pesto Spaghetti (at Sparrow)

Between its beautiful green coloring and vibrant taste, the pistachio pesto spaghetti at Sparrow is always a good idea. This beautiful restaurant at the historic Hotel Figueroa serves coastal Italian cuisine that ranges from pizza to arancini to of course, pasta. If you're not in the mood for a red sauce, the pistachio pesto spaghetti is a wonderful alternative. The spaghetti noodles are evenly coated with the rich pesto and ricotta sauce before being topped with a crumble of fresh pistachios.

If you're in the mood for more than one pasta, the bone marrow cappelletti is a close second. When it comes to sides, the truffle polenta and spinach should be at the top of your list. Top things off with a Wagyu top cap, and you're in for one memorable meal.

Pesto Radiatori (at Jon & Vinney's)

Another great pesto pasta comes from none other than Jon & Vinny's. With 4 locations around Los Angeles, the pesto radiatori is never too far from LA locals. Though Jon & Vinny's is most popular for pizza, the pastas shouldn't be overlooked. This creamy, green dish is topped with fresh pecorino, and the portion size is pretty generous. Since all the pasta is always made in-house, quality and freshness are guaranteed.

If you're hoping to do a pizza and pasta combo, Jon & Vinny's is the perfect place for takeout. In addition to the pesto radiatori, order the White Bronco or the burrata-topped LA Woman. It doesn't get more classic than the Margherita, however; top things off with some Italian rainbow cookies for the perfect evening.

Bucatini Carbonara (at Osteria la Buca)

Have a craving for carbonara? Osteria la Buca is one of the best places for the cure when it comes to classic Italian, and the bucatini carbonara is a must-try. 

This traditional pasta is topped with pancetta, black pepper, and a poached egg, and the al dente noodles are cooked to perfection. Break the soft poached egg and watch as the orange yolk runs over the dish, creating a creamy, utterly decadent dish. Those looking to share a few dishes at Osteria la Buca will love the crispy potatoes, but the pizzas are also worth checking out.

The classic pizza can be enhanced with prosciutto, but the guanciale is a unique and savory favorite. If you're vegetarian, opt for the zucchini pizza.

Piccola Luna (at Antico Nuovo)

Transport yourself to the Italian countryside by dining at Antico Nuovo. This elegant Italian eatery keeps things traditional from start to finish, and even uses ancient cooking methods like wood-firing. Since the menu changes with the seasons, guests can expect the freshest ingredients to be used in everything from the appetizers to the pastas. Speaking of pastas, the piccola luna is a sweet and savory dish you won't soon forget.

Each piece of pasta is filled with sweet corn, while fresh chanterelles rest on top. A sprinkle of freshly cracked pepper adds a hint of spice, and there's no denying that the pasta pairs perfectly with a crisp glass of white wine. For dessert, indulge in a pistachio and chocolate cannoli and call it an evening.

Tagliatelle al Ragu d'Anatra (at Piccolo)

Piccolo is a beloved Italian joint located in Venice's popular Abbot Kinney neighborhood. The modern interior features a sleek marble bar top and minimalistic decor, but the covered patio with bistro tables is where you'll want to sit on a sunny LA day. The homemade tagliatelle pasta is infused with black pepper, and the duck-based ragu is a nice switch from typical beef or pork. Though the dish is meaty and hearty, it is balanced by the bright flavors in the sauce, and it is the perfect portion size for one person.

Other menu highlights from Piccolo include the golden beet carpaccio and sautéed black mussels with chorizo. For something lighter, opt for the watercress salad with avocados and hearts of palm.

Pappardelle (at Grandmaster Recorders)

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Grandmaster Recorders is a unique restaurant that boasts a formal dining room, a groovy disco bar, and a beautiful rooftop. One of the best ways to enjoy an evening at Grandmaster Recorders is to pop in during sunset for a drink on the roof before heading down to the dining room for a full meal. 

While you can't go wrong with any of the pastas, the pappardelle is a meaty can't-miss dish. The al dente noodles are topped with a hearty pork and veal bolognese ragu, along with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan Reggiano.

Consider sharing this dish with one other person before diving into the tender Margaret River Wagyu. Of course, no visit to Grandmaster Recorders would be complete without the famous record-shaped tiramisu.

Asparagus Ravioli (at Giorgio Baldi)

A celebrity-loved seaside restaurant in Santa Monica, the upscale Italian joint Giorgio Baldi sits right on Pacific Coast Highway, and you'll find a regular slew of paparazzi outside nearly every night of the week. The romantic ambiance and classic menu have garnered a loyal following of regulars, including the likes of Kim Kardashian. The asparagus ravioli are always handmade, resulting in fresh ravioli that burst with flavors. The noodles are filled with ricotta cheese asparagus that have been sautéed in butter.

The chopped, fresh asparagus that is placed on top of the raviolis add a nice crunch and contrast in texture. This $23 dish can easily be enjoyed as a main course, but if you want some extra protein on the side, opt for the pan-fried Dover sole with lemon and butter sauce.

Squid Ink Bavette (at Jame Enoteca)

Jame Enoteca is under the same ownership as Ospi, and the pasta is every bit as delicious. Though squid ink may seem adventurous, it is essentially flavorless; it simply gives the pasta a beautiful black color. That said, the squid ink bavette is a must-order when dining at Jame Enoteca. Though it was taken off the menu for a bit, it has since made a triumphant return, better than ever. This is a wonderful pasta dish for seafood lovers, and its red, creamy sauce adds the perfect amount of flavor.

Before digging into the pasta, order some crispy provolone and meatballs as starters. The cacio e pepe is another solid pick if you're in the mood for more than one pasta, and the Nutella cake is the ultimate dessert for those with a chronic sweet tooth.