Freshly Shredded Cheese Is An Easy Way To Switch Up Sandwiches

Within all of us lives a sandwich artist waiting for their time to shine. That time may be when you whip up a plate of sizzling BLTs for a homemade brunch with friends, or when you wisely add crunchy potato chips to enhance the texture of your tuna salad sub. If sandwiches are a staple rotation in your weekday meal menu, chances are you'll eventually run into one that calls for cheese. Most people might reach for a slice of pre-cut packaged cheese, but you should reach for a grater instead. When it comes to sandwiches, adding freshly shredded cheese is a game-changer.

Using shredded cheese on your sandwich has no shortage of advantages. For one thing, it allows you complete control over where the cheese goes and lets you cover every possible square inch of your sandwich. Freshly grated cheese also melts more evenly so every bite has a bit of gooey cheesy goodness rather than just a warm chunk in the middle, which can occur when you melt thick slices of cheese. Grating your own cheese also gives you the opportunity to mix cheeses together and create a completely custom blend.

Take your sandwich to the next level

Ideally, you should be using cheese that you grate yourself from a larger block. You can use pre-shredded cheese, but there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. If you've ever noticed that the shredded cheese that comes in a bag seems a bit dusty, that's because it has been covered with things like starch and powdered cellulose. The goal of this coating is to stop clumps of cheese from forming in the bag, but unfortunately it also gives the cheese a less creamy texture, and makes it respond less well to melting. Still, shredded cheese will work in a pinch.

Shredding your own cheese might take more work, but it also produces the best results. And, with the proper technique, it's simple to grate cheese without making a mess. Even if you're making something as basic as a grilled cheese, using freshly grated cheese will elevate the sandwich and give it a professional touch. Whether you're cooking for a crowd or for yourself, adding shredded cheese to your sandwich is the perfect way to unleash your inner sandwich artist and make your meal extra special.