The Seafood Stew Anthony Bourdain Recommended In San Francisco

Thanks to its seaside location, San Francisco has no shortage of incredible, fresh seafood. In fact, as of 2023, there are over 400 seafood restaurants in the coastal city. As part of his travels to find some of the best food in the world, the late chef Anthony Bourdain visited quite a few San Francisco eateries, and he highlighted one in particular for its scrumptious seafood stew. So, for anyone hoping to eat like Bourdain, you absolutely must try out the cioppino at Tadich Grill.

Cioppino is a comforting, filling stew that originated when Italian immigrants settled in the Bay Area. Recipes can include any combination of shellfish like mussels, crabs, and shrimp. The various mollusks and crustaceans swim in a thin sauce made with tomatoes and wine, and Tadich Grill serves up its cioppino with a slice of grilled bread to soak up all the tasty sauce and juices. While filming an episode of his show "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations," the chef noted that Tadich's version of the stew was the best thing on the menu.

Tadich Grill's cioppino is a can't-miss meal

It's theorized that cioppino was first an easy meal for fishermen since they could just throw together a stew of the various sea life they caught. While the dish has humble beginnings, Tadich Grill has elevated it into a can't-miss experience.

Even if seafood stew isn't for you, a trip to Tadich Grill is still worth it to visit a classic San Francisco establishment. According to the grill's website, it is "the oldest, continuously run restaurant in California." The physical building has roots as a coffee house starting in the mid 1800's, making it about as old as cioppino itself! Whether you're a seafood fanatic or prefer more ground-dwelling fare, a meal at Tadich Grill is sure to satisfy. When Bourdain visited, he also had an egg-based dish called Hangtown Fry that made him lament not being able to find something similar in New York.

As long as you're in the area, be sure to check out some of San Francisco's other incredible restaurants. But before you do, heed Bourdain's advice and head to Tadich Grill for a bowl of cioppino. It's a classic for the restaurant, and the city.