Upgrade Your Next Batch Of Mac And Cheese With A Crunchy Snack Topping

When it comes to the divine creaminess of a really good macaroni and cheese, it's hard to imagine it gets much better — especially, when it's homemade and you're not beholden to directions on a box. Fortunately, this hack works even if you're rocking the boxed. There's almost nothing that can top piping hot al dente noodles coated generously in an ooey-gooey, oh-so-yummy silken cheese sauce — except maybe a little textural element to break up the monotony, like some crunch.

If you play your cards right with Cheez-Its, you could be in for a full-on assault of flavor, with extra cheese or a fiery crunch that can provide both textural contrast and a taste complexity to level up your next macaroni and cheese experience. Just grab a box or bag and crumble them over all your mac and cheese. Start with basic kid-friendly favorites like the super cheesy crunch of crushed Cheez-Its or cheddar goldfish crackers atop tuna mac or rain-down smashed pretzels on a hot dog or bratwurst-filled macaroni and cheese.

Crunchy toppings to compliment your mac and cheese creations

For both casual mac and cheese eaters and avid fans alike, adding a crunchy topping to your mac and cheese can bring an exciting array of flavors and textures to keep your tastebuds from getting bored. It can also provide inspiration to spice up your dish in new ways. 

Kick it into the stratosphere, smashing up fiery favorites like Takis, Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its, or Flamin' Hot Doritos. In between is a range of possibilities from plain salted chips to tangy salt and vinegar, dill, lime, or sour cream and cheddar varieties. Hack your mac with Buffalo-sauced chicken chunks, topped with hot wings flavored chips, or try swirling in a bit of cream cheese and sliced jalapeños into your mac and topping with jalapeño chips. Making your mac and cheese with sharp cheddar? Mix in crumbled bacon and sautéed red onion slices before hitting it with barbecue chips. There are as many mac and cheese crunch possibilities as there are chip and cracker flavors. So, let your imagination run wild.

Sprinkle your crunchy additions on top, or crumble them on as you go. Either way, it's mac and cheese, which is always fire. But maybe with a little help from your favorite crunchy snacks, you can spark a taste inferno.