Maker's Mark Set To Release Its Oldest Bourbon Yet

Fans of Maker's Mark Whisky have a new product to buzz about. For the first time ever, the brand is unveiling Maker's Mark Cellar Aged, a blend of 11- and 12-year-old bourbons. The move marks an unprecedented shift in the way a Maker's Mark whiskey is crafted, with its oldest release ever, that has allowed the spirit to age over time and develop a more complex finish. 

Based in Loretto, Kentucky, Maker's Mark has been around since 1953 and, since the beginning, the brand has maintained a motto of prioritizing "taste over time" that produces a flavor defined by a smoother and lighter finish, in stark contrast to the other tannic-heavy aged bourbons in the market. 

Rob Samuels, 8th generation whiskey maker and grandson of the Maker's Mark founders, said in a press release that, before now, the brand has never aged the spirit for more than 10 years as they were hesitant to affect the taste they had honed for years. Yet, the distillers uncovered a way to bring the best of both worlds to this new bottle. Maker's Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon promises the sophisticated taste layers of aged bourbon, minus the stereotypical bitterness that can often accompany it. 

A new approach to an old recipe

This cellar-aged bourbon begins its journey the same way all other Maker's Mark bottles do — with a six-year stint in barrels that have been locked in giant Kentucky warehouses, weathering the seasons diligently until they're ready to be blended. From there, a select few barrels are transported to the company's unique limestone cellar, enjoying another five-to-six-year rest in rarefied air. By the time this beauty is ready for sipping, a blend of 87% proof 12-year-old whiskey and 13% proof 11-year-old whiskey are combined to make one 115.7-proof bottle. It's the same classic recipe, just aged in a whole new way. 

For those interested in getting their hands on this limited-edition bourbon (which is aimed to be an annual release), Maker's Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon will be available for purchase in the U.S. as of September 2023 for a cool $150. Those in London, Munich, and additional select global stores in Europe will have access to the whiskey by October 2023, while Tokyo and Singapore will receive stock in early 2024.